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    Team lead bonus

    I got taxed hard almost 1/3
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    Job, jobs, jobs

    You get a job, he and she gets a job, everybody, inbound jobs , get em while they’re hot 🙄
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    COVID-19 Vaccine

    And only hr can add sick time to days missed, correct?
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    🤔, this sounds very familiar.
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    Waiting outside

    Why you running truck?
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    Suspicious Returns

    🤔 this one claimed to be one too..
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    New POS

    Sorry didn’t read the any of the post but, did anyone mention POS=Piece Of Shit?, just throwing it out there.
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    Suspicious Returns

    A “guest” wants to return/exchange $200 item. No receipt, wants to use ID. We check ID and its maxed out. Wwyd?
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    Quarantine after vaccination?

    Man, covid is such a bitch, the vaccine gives you immunity to hospitals and death but not the virus
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    Advice for burnout?

    How would a personal loa work? Can I take 3 weeks? How would I word it?
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    Team lead bonus

    I think people reporting their bonus , like many did for stimulus check. Like “hey i got my bonus today! It was $x.x”.
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    We transfer departments all day, everyday. Except Starbucks cause lol.
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    Is there a pay difference for Closing TL?

    All TL movements are *now horizontal movements.
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    Backroom profiling

    Well, your sort, line, steel, light duty, offsite backroom, zone and receiving is perfect. I was asking regular stores like mine, the struggling ones....