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    I guess I will never have my own set of keys for powered equipment...

    fwiw every key carrying leader is supposed to have a baler, compactor, and crown key in addition to their 1M and TD1 keys
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    Setting up for failure situation/ also racial favoritism

    the revolution will not be televised
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    Corporate Rounding Time

    no. you are paid down to the minute you’ve worked
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    Hanger Bins

    ask the chatbot for help. there’s an option specifically for hanger bins
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    I hate my SD's new rules.

    i got new rules (i count em); i gotta tell them to myself
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    Data Mining / Privacy

    target doesn’t own the pharmacy
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    Movable Backroom Aisles

    grocery is not an approved area to be in the montel aisles because it sells to quickly and constantly needs pulling. if your store is having them installed where your grocery backstock currently is, your grocery backstock aisles will move.
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    Movable Backroom Aisles

    grocery doesn’t go in the montel aisles
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    Movable Backroom Aisles

    you move an a frame ladder into and out of the aisles. they don’t have the cotterman ladders
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    Your store pushing loyalty Lately?

    getting guests to put in their phone number for the sake of entering in a phone number is wrong. the goal with loyalty is to get guests engaged with circle and then later redcard. having the guest enter in a phone number without explaining the benefits doesn't get the guest engaged in the program.
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    MEGATHREAD New POS (post-cutover)

    it’s intentional
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    MEGATHREAD New POS (post-cutover)

    access to POA is tied to job code so guest advocates may not have access
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    TLs focusing too much on truck?

    this mindset is kinda the problem in a lot of stores. none of the things you mentioned are less important than the others. if you don’t work your price change, the items won’t scan correctly and you’ll run into weights and measures issues, or you’ll make it right at POS (affecting margin). if...
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    I'm losing my team and I don't know what to do.

    you ignored their entire post and cherry picked the part that hurt your fee fees yikes
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    Bye Bye Receivers

    sure or the VM could just adjust lights as part of their regularly scheduled workload and do it during the daytime