I have been with Target for 7 1/2 years. Fulfillment TM.
November 13
Areas Trained
Hardlines, Electronics/MMB, Cashier, Guest Service, Cart Attendant, Instocks, Flow, Backroom, Presentation, Price Accuracy, Cash Office, Team Trainer, Team Leader, Flexible Fulfillment, Ship from Store


Guest→Electronics TM (Jun. 2011-Jun. 2014)→Merchandise Flow TM (Apr. 2013-Jun. 2014)→Presentation TM (Jun. 2014-Feb. 2017)→Digital Advisor (Oct. 2014-Feb. 2017)→Learning Mentor (Oct. 2014-Feb 2017)→GSA (Nov. 2016-Jan. 2017)→Sales Floor TL - Hardlines (Feb. 2017-Aug. 2018)→Sales Floor TL - Electronics (Feb. 2017-Jun. 2018)→Interim Sales Floor TL - Beauty (Jan. 2018-Jun. 2018)→Food & Bev. TL (Jun. 2018-Nov. 2018)→Fulfillment TM (Nov. 2018-present)

"Fast service needed in *insert area here*, who is responding?"



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