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    In the news....

    I love that whole bit George Carlin did about saving the planet- "The Earth is fine, the Earth isn't going anywhere..........WE ARE!"
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    What to do with tv's displays no longer on plano?

    Your PMT/PML/whatever they are called this week should have some generic TV boxes for when they do a returned TV inspection.
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    Told to game the system

    When doing a pull and the system send you to a location but that item is not there, you are supposed to scan everything in the waco and then hit "All Items Scanned". What the OP's store, my store, and probably a bunch of other stores were/are doing is rather than hitting AIS, they are told to...
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    BTS 2019, This Time with Feeling

    I totally did the same thing. Mainly because I had a TL say something to me about the results last year (I guess they didn't like the results and thought it was all my fault). Also, I see no point in it. Spot is like the stupid little kid who keeps eyeing the hot stove and someone is telling...
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    Told to game the system

    Joke's on the ETL, gaming the system is tracked too! My whole group got busted for it a few months ago. They sent out an email with a list of every store and how many times they did it. I can't speak for other stores, but I know at mine that shit stopped with a quickness. Now at the time, they...