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    Since Christmas Eve is technically not a holiday, will we still get paid on Friday or on the 23rd?
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    What to do?

    If I asked to have my shift moved up to an earlier start would it show up in myTime? I called my store earlier in the week and then again yesterday and spoke with my ETL and to double check that my schedule had updated. The change was agreed to and I was told it would be updated. I go in later...
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    Does anyone know what the abbreviation LB is? This is the first time I've seen it.
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    Latest schedule

    Have been looking at the myTime app for the new schedule and have found nada. Could it just be that my store hasn't gotten around to posting it yet, or could it be a mixup that I didn't get scheduled? I had my first NCNS in 5 years at Spot the other day. Would that factor in to why I don't see...
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    Out of curiosity, would an NCNS show up as a missed punch on my time card? Or would it just not flag at all? I looked at the wrong date for a shift and stupidly forgot about it. I own up to my mistake, was just wondering if there was a way to tell if I missed the shift.
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    ADA accommodations ?

    So my store has always been pretty good about working with me in regards to my Cerebral Palsy. I have worked the lanes before, but it became more and more unsafe for me to do because I have balance issues, so I asked to be moved to SCO. However, due to the pandemic, my leads thought it best that...
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    Answered Did i handle this right?

    So today, a guest insisted that I take a Starbucks gift card from her as thanks for helping her. I told her I couldn't accept it, but she insisted because she appreciated my help. So, reluctantly I accepted and put it aside to give to a GSTL because I felt uncomfortable . When I got the chance...
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    I think it's time...

    After almost 4 years, I think it's time for me to move on from Spot. I've been feeling semi burned out since mid February, that's when I first started considering leaving, however, I was due to go on a month long LOA in March, so I figured I'd take my LOA and see how I felt once I came back...
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    Schedule coming back from LOA

    I'm a little over a week out returning from my LOA, due back the 13th. When I talked with my HRTL, he said he'd call me once that schedule was written. Was that schedule to be written (for 4/13) last Thursday or this coming Thursday? Just want to know if I should give them another call or wait...
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    What to do?

    I'm on LOA, but about to call my store to inform them of my return. However, given all the craziness with COVID-19, I am unable to fly back as originally planned and wouldn't get back by my scheduled return date. So my question is: Do I tell HR that I can be back but it may take an extra day or...
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    I'm Lost! On LOA but can still login to Kronos?

    So, I'm a little confused. I'm on a LOA right now, but somehow, I can still login to Kronos. It currently shows that I have time off and then no new schedule beyond that. I thought TMs lost access while on LOA. Or does the fact that I dont have a new schedule listed mean I won't have access from...
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    I'm Lost! LOA scheduling questions

    So, I'm starting a month long LOA on March 4. When filling out the form, I noted the last day I was available as March 2. Fast forward to today and the new schedule that has me scheduled for 3/6. My question is: Should I find someone to take the shift or should I talk to my ETL and remind her...
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    I'm Lost! How Screwed am i?

    So, I accidentally took a mag key and walkie home with me. How screwed am I If I bring them back in the morning?
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    Archived Kronos question

    So, my grandmother's funeral was yesterday. I notified my HR TM about this last week and she told me I didn't need to call the store and its be taken care of.However, last time I attended a funeral, the date turned blue, showing an excused absence the next day. As of today, the date is still...
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    Archived Quick Question

    Could I pick up a shift for a co-worker on a day where the schedule has me as unavailable or would I have to submit an availability change?
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    Archived A bit confused...

    So, I put in a request for time off due to a family commitment coming up soon that was auto-denied. However, on the latest schedule I'm not scheduled for the days I requested off. So my question is: Is it possible that someone saw it, but didn't get to it in time to approve it? Or did fortune...
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    Archived Have been sick

    I'm battling a mother of a sinus infection right now and was just wondering how many times (consecutively) can a TM call out before needing to bring in a doctor's note? I called out one day last week, worked a full shift, came in a left early for another one and then called off today. I'm...
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    Archived Hey there!!

    Hey peeps! Been a lurker since I started what'll soon be three months ago in a few weeks. I'm a cashier (or glorified guest punching bag lol) and so far, I'm really happy there. My leadership is great and my co-workers are pretty chill. Of course there are always nightmare days to be had, but...