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  1. TargetsDaddy

    (men) Red Calvin Klein long sleeve shirt for 9.26 on clearance

    Thought I'd share a good deal on red long sleeve shirt that just dropped again to almost $10 with clearance price and 15% Kohl's coupon(check the coupon section on your account). I just received mine and their pretty good quality. Also 2% cash back with topcashback. Free shipping over $50...
  2. TargetsDaddy

    Target to offer huge discounts to make space

    What in your opinion should Target try to get rid of first to make more space in the backroom? My first thought. Coolers! Please go away.
  3. TargetsDaddy

    Should Target bring back Presentation TL position?

    What are your thoughts?
  4. TargetsDaddy

    Halloween set

    Hey guys, for those that are early set or got all their signing pallet in... Did they send us any 16" chrome pegs? Were very short this year.
  5. TargetsDaddy

    Starbucks menu board part #?

    Does anyone know the part # to order a new menu board for Starbucks? Ours is partly damaged.
  6. TargetsDaddy

    Defecting salvage manually

    Have a few questions on the defecting salvage PLU manually on mywork. 1. The option for "where?" Is it asking where the item was originally pulled from, salesfloor or backroom loc right? I'm assuming if I hit salesfloor, it will remove the quantity off the salesfloor. 2. If I want to salvage...
  7. TargetsDaddy

    How yall coping with incoming toys?

    Our backroom is reaching capacity with all these dang toys coming in which 80% is overstock. When will it end?? Are you guys flexing already?
  8. TargetsDaddy

    Answered Does inbound still scan everything off the truck?

    Or is everything counted when the truck is acknowledged? Curious if that changed or not.
  9. TargetsDaddy

    Answered Does entering a quantity higher or lower than actual unit cause a backroom error?

    Wondering if this situation causes a backroom error. Example: System shows 5 Dawn soap on location L01A009L04 Actual amount there is 3 Instead of pulling 5 I hit 3. Does this cause a backroom error?? Would this be considered a ghost since there's less than what it's showing or only if it's...
  10. TargetsDaddy

    Chemical reset - Discussion/planning/tips

    I'm looking at this reset and it's a massive change. Wondering how is everyone planning their moves. To make it worst we only have 2 days to set with 4 TM. I don't think that is near possible unless I skimp on cleaning which I hate to do. Also our chemical dept. is fairly full, not quite as...