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  1. Anelmi

    Reusable bags

    Our charge is 10 cents but guests still get really irritated with it. I don’t blame them. And the charge isn’t refunded right away so it makes them even more upset.
  2. Anelmi

    Wtf are Order Pick Ups?

    If I ever change work centers (which I think about daily), I would do fulfillment in a heartbeat. Already, I do a lot of it when we are short staffed and I find it really fun albeit exhausting.
  3. Anelmi

    Reusable bags

    So you take out the order and make the guest bag it?!? Really? I would just dump it in their trunk and go.
  4. Anelmi

    And they wonder why everyone is behind in their areas and reshop is a warzone

    Our fulfillment callouts have become ridiculous. Everyday lately it seems most of them don’t show up. Like do you not have bills? I do not understand how some of these people can survive when they call out so frequently.
  5. Anelmi

    Saver life challenge

    I signed up and put money in my savings account but it never seemed to track it or give me the incentives even though I made the goals so I cancelled.
  6. Anelmi

    Reusable bags

    So OPU orders are bagged in reusable bags but the guest doesn't need to bring them back? Like how is that cost effective and being environmentally conscious at the same time? If Target legit wanted to go bag free for OPU, they would need to change their whole delivery-to-the-guest system and not...
  7. Anelmi

    Will the board call for Cornell to retire or resign???

    ^^ Absolutely a game-changing move. Even he probably never dreamed how this would transform the retail experience and at such a critical time.
  8. Anelmi

    Reusable bags

    Its on MyDay if your store is affected. Yeah I just don't know how it will work taking out multiple orders and then re-bagging at the car while the other guests are waiting and still trying to keep the 3 minutes? It's already too much when you get to a car and someone says "no bags please" and...
  9. Anelmi

    Reusable bags

    My store got communication about it but I don't understand how we can go bag free for OPUs.
  10. Anelmi

    2022 Vacation/Time Off Changes

    ^^ that cannot be right. You should have at least 60-80 hours of vacation time by now, especially once they rolled the vacation and personal holiday together.
  11. Anelmi

    Can I change roles before my start date?

    There is no way they will switch you from fulfillment.
  12. Anelmi

    How late is closing duties?

    Well now there is a Closing TL who is in charge of the Closing Experts whose primary job is to do 1 for 1s, out of stocks and abandons from GS. At my store the closing experts only have 4-4.5 hour shifts so for her to have such a long closing expert shift is unusual (at least at my store).
  13. Anelmi

    OPU expert to do pth/stowing only

    Our fulfillment team also prefers doing their own put/stow. I offer every now and then when I see they are in a huge crunch but they usually say no. We don't have a dedicated drive up team anyway...just one or two cashiers shift-tagged to do DUs every day which is really quite overwhelming for...
  14. Anelmi

    Starbucks Team Leaders

    Hahaha that is such a laugh. I think it would only probably potentially work in stores that have well staffed fully independent drive up teams.
  15. Anelmi

    How late is closing duties?

    Wow. So when do the closers come in? Ours are scheduled 6-10 specifically so they don’t have to take a lunch.
  16. Anelmi

    How late is closing duties?

    Doors close at 10 and we ask the cashiers to stay until the store is clear. They don’t have a problem bc it’s only 5-10 minutes max. Usually one cashier will offer to stay and the others leave. If it’s getting super long (rare), the closing GSA will finish ringing out and let the cashier go.
  17. Anelmi

    Service & Engagement Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    There’s still a change shortage? We’ve never had a problem w that at my store.
  18. Anelmi

    hidden pros of target?

    I work for a school system as well and let me tell you that I get paid 0 for any of those holidays you mentioned. I get the day off and that’s it.
  19. Anelmi

    Opinion: worst TL position to have empty ?

    If you have a strong front end team, SETL is not that critical tbh. Especially if you have an ETL in that role. Also Closing TL is nice but again, all the ETLs can rotate and it's do-able. Not maybe enjoyable for them but not really a crisis. Right now, I think not having Fulfillment or Inbound...
  20. Anelmi

    MEGATHREAD New POS (post-cutover)