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    Archived No Halloween Backer Paper??

    Just got all our Halloween set in rear and mini, and there is like one sheet of backer with some owl on it. Looks really sad and pathetic, any reason for this? Cant imagine its to save money cuz there is tons of other things target has no use for but costs money
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    Archived Well if theres a sudden massive rush for glue sticks and fancyfeast our store is set!

    I have literally 300-400 on hands of almost each of the classic fancy feast cans......and glue sticks, your set! have over 600 of one kind! :wacko: not to mention atleast a short aisle of hair dye.
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    Archived Doctors Note For Calling In For One Day?

    try to keep details down but I called in today because I hurt myself, HR answered and said I better bring a Dr's note when I come in....why would I need a note for one day?
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    Archived 7 AM Truck unload

    just heard and read the whole roll out, and pallets are allowd on the floor untill 11am. Gonna be an epic mess
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    Archived Who can get me a "Batman" name tag?

    HA thats epics, and ya i could use a label maker, but i would really like a legit one
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    Archived Who can get me a "Batman" name tag?

    ive tried here but no one will order me a batman name tag :/
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    Archived Who can get me a "Batman" name tag?

    ill even pay for it if i have too :excited:
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    Archived Black friday hours

    asked yesterday and they say they still dont know
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    there is no explanation for it, i asked them, "well isnt that what we already do?" all i got was "yes but now we do it amazing" pretty sure no one actually knows wtf it is, and i refuse to write amazing cards to myself about me doing my job. Kind of stupid to write myself a card put it on...
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    how many of these stupid ass meetings are there going to be? Ive been to 3 (forced to go to the 2nd one twice cuz no one believed i went) the second one was literally the EXACT same crap without a stupid video
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    Archived Not getting hours!!!!

    we just hired like 8-9 truck people, and are looking to hire 10-15 seasonals :/ such a joke, just give me the darn hours and i will actually do work
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    Archived Not getting hours!!!!

    hours are crap allover, i just try and pickup every shift i can, sucks that i have to go in every day to check the swap board though :/
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    Archived has anyone else seen the new vibe stuff?

    Did the "Vibe" meeting yesterday, STL didnt even try to sell it, read the script, watched the stupid ass video,read a little more then told us to have a nice day. Another great example of target wasting money
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    Archived Holiday Hours

    to even get setup you would have to be in at 8-9pm on thanksgiving....small store like ours we would have to have the whole team doing double 12hour shifts
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    Archived Electronics Transition Fall 2012

    our stock is the same, we got 4 ipod touches today and thats all that is in the case
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    Archived Is there such a thing as a "Team Trainer?"

    more work same pay is the target way
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    no way this is true, id like to see them explain to higher ups why they fired a bunch of people for calling in sick twice
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    Archived Just when i thought my hours were getting better :(

    after months of 20-25hrs a week i had three 35+ hour weeks, then BAM shot down to 18-20 hours a week for the next 2 weeks :/ love how target taunts me with hope of money then kicks me in the nuts
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    Archived Presentation TMs

    our plano team is a bunch of old ladies, they literally just throw everything in the fixture room because they refuse to climb ladders or use the wave :/
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    Archived Holiday Hours

    if BF is 10pm i wont even bother showing up for work, ill go work at burger king and get more hours than target