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    Taylor Swift - Lover (4 Deluxe Versions)

    All in slightly different shades of pink that only female pre-teens and teens could see.
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    Target Memes

    You know the lines are long at Walmart when their associates go to Target to check out.
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    In the news....

    A "grandma" call almost got my mother. Fortunately, my sister was set to take her out that day and showed up early as my mother was walking out the door. It was divine intervention since my sister is always late for everything. For the senior in the quoted post, our town's police chief wouldn't...
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    But, they're still interviewing, right?
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Don't forget Piss Yellow!
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Market TL left with only a couple days notice. They have a family with young kids and no confirmed job lined up, just some tentative offers. Just could not take it anymore. This will make our 5th Market TL in a little over two years. One was terminated for not meeting expectations (after have...
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    Wow! You have a person in Toys. I open and for 4/5ths of my shift no one is in Toys, Sporting Goods, Luggage, or Rear Seasonal. I will take calls for those areas (as well as drag out huge cases of patio furniture) if no one is scheduled there, but if a TM is there, they had better stop talking...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    So, what brands in each category do you think Target should be stocking and selling?
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    Possibly, possibly not. What it is definitely though is a soap opera.
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    In the news....

    A qoute from the article: "Even turnover among part-time cashiers is expensive. You have to recruit and train every new hire and you lose the institutional knowledge of the last employee." Which means, with all the seasoned TMs who have quit or been pushed out the door because of...
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    In the news....

    I guess we shouldn't hold our breaths waiting for him to apologise to TMs for Modernization. Target CEO Cornell apologizes to customers -
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    Sleepio app

    I tried it for a few days. Was so concerned about being accurate with what I was logging, I stressed myself into sleeping less than I had been before I started using the app. Eventually, took it off my phone and have slept better ever since!
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    Why america is great

    Wow. We hit Godwin's Law in only ten posts
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    The Breakroom Memes

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    Put in my notice...

    Good luck with the new job search!
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    Help. Kinda scared

    You will both be fine. In the future, if you have a myDevice on you, scan the product to double-check the price.
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    Best Team Survey - results?

    I'm still waiting for the results from last year's BTS. And, the year before that.
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    Just transferred to another Target store, are the others like this?

    Your old store obviously wasn't fully Modernized. Your new store is. Welcome to Modernization. This is the way it will be for all stores by September. Get used to it.
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    Companywide outage

    I'm sure it was a problem happening at NRC. However, they handle transactions for thousands of companies and, as far as anyone is saying, Target was the only retailer who had problems? I have a feeling that the cause of NCR's problem was data sent to them by Spot. So, it actually is Target's...
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    Companywide outage

    First line of an article on Sunday's outage: "Another day, another Target checkout outage." Way to go, Spot, dominating all of the news cycles this weekend.