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    Christmas card to Gregg

    My point was, this company is wasting dollars at the expense of those of us who keep it afloat!!!!
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    Christmas card to Gregg

    I guess you are one of those who is in perfect health and won't have to worry about those high deductibles. There is a thread floating around somewhere on here about target buying a historical building in MN to build the corporate folks a playground.
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    Niemann Marcus

    Plus sizes n maternity were not supposed to be removed from the floor... We condensed and used some extra racks. This is when learning to merchandise sl without an adjacency comes in handy. Not going to call it a fail in my store but close enough.....
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    Target's Response to opening on Thanksgiving

    I wonder where they are getting the stats from... I scrolled thru the target facebook page, every single comment was about the crazy target lady or that people were mad about us opening on thanksgiving. I didn't see one good remark on the black thursday thing. Not a one.
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    Faster way to print labels?

    Click into the label printing app, before you scan anything, click the "generic label" button.... It's on the bottom left corner, click the options you want, like regular or short labels, size, price or no price, Then, scan away. If you need more than one, after scanning input the quantity...
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    City target

    I'm totally not knocking it but, it sorta looks like a glorified dollar store lol. Everything is all squashed together....
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    Sales Floor TM Being Scheduled Cashier Shifts

    Honestly, hours are hours to me. I still get paid the same no matter what job I'm doing for the day. I think maybe you need to talk with some of the TL and ETLs st your store and tell them you'd like to work on the floor more.
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    Smart Huddles

    I think you need to spend some time working with plano team. we do a lot more than set up peg hooks and move shelves around. Don't assume you are the only hard working person around.
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    Responding on walkie - what is your store's philosophy?

    Sorry for the typos. On my phone trying to get used to swype
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    Responding on walkie - what is your store's philosophy?

    everyone in my store is pretty good at answering backup calls, but it drives me nuts when the gsa/gstl asks for backup, then smacks the backup cashier button on the registerbefore anyone can answer. Or they request that backupsget on anything register except the express lane. I'll help get lines...
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    If a team member see an abduction in the parking lot...

    a few years ago i had a TPS tell me they weren't allowed to perform CPR or otherwise touch a guest that may be in distress. is there any truth to this? does this include team members? i should know this since i've been around so long but i've never had anything except minor accidents happen...
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    Red Magazine Fall 2012

    i've gotten a few so far. i'd rather they stop printing up this bs and use the money saved to give us our insurance plans back.
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    are any of your stores haunted?

    i've heard of other things happening to other tms at my store... but i have not witnessed anything. when we did our pfresh remodel they changed the door to our compactor. it was one of those metal doors that rolls up and down like on the docks, they put in cinder block bricks and a huge regular...
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    thanks guys! we got everything ordered, now it's just a waiting game to see if it actually comes in! lol. my tl and i were even able to find the cosmetics universal fixture guide buried in our etl's office. AFTER i spent tons of time digging thru pog line listings... boo.
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    awesome, thanks! now, this is for the liners, correct? any suggestions on the sign holders? i'm looking for the flat ones, not the curved ones..
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    tried that already. the only thing that mentions the white liners is one sentence that says to only use them on the base deck.. no part #. even in the line listing. as far as the sign holder/flap things, they are actually attached to the shelf.. with no bar code under them or around. that is...
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    some heads have rolled in my store, we've got several new ETLs and (surprise, surprise) they asked me to take over cosmetics. it's not too bad, yet. but there are two things i need replaced asap, and i can't find the part numbers ANYWHERE! the first thing is, the white shelf liners that go on...
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    How cold is your backroom?

    noticeably cooler since our pfresh remodel. the whole store is cooler actually. i love it, i'd much rather be chilly than sweating like a pig.
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    quick question about FFF events

    we have them. though they did cancel our christmas party because no one wanted to come after they announced the christmas eve disaster. food is always your best bet, just make sure there is enough for everyone especially the closing team!
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    To whoever designed that multi-colored thingy for the Spring FOS.

    i noticed ours is starting to look a bit ....saggy.... lol.