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  1. commiecorvus

    To That One Guest - II

    When I worked at Borders they used to ask all the time if we took B&N's card. People I know at B&N said customers asked if they took Borders Rewards cards so I guess it was only fair.
  2. commiecorvus

    Payroll question

    Question, so at my store since the beginning of a month my work center wasn’t given that many hours and because we would’ve been struggling every week, we would add more people to the schedule. I would ask the store director at the time, as well as other leaders, if it was OK if I added people...
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    Newbie here!!

  4. commiecorvus

    WIC on the new POS

    This has nothing to do with WIC. You would probably have better luck asking this in its own thread.
  5. commiecorvus

    WIC on the new POS

  6. commiecorvus

    Starbucks TL

    I thought this was interesting. Sounds like the kid doesn't have any backup or a good TL.
  7. commiecorvus

    Can I get in trouble for not reporting a conflict of interest?

    Playing this absolutely serious, you are leaving soon so why do you care? Finish you two weeks and get out. Whatever happens will happen after you are gone. Taking this as a moderator, don't get snotty with people who take your posts as a joke. They have every right too.
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    Target Memes

  9. commiecorvus

    Resources for Humans (An HR Thread)

    Great to have you back. Nice to see you... so to speak.
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    DC: How many corrective actions can you have until termination?

    I can see anything that's deleted, so nope.
  11. commiecorvus

    DC: How many corrective actions can you have until termination?

    I promise that wasn't a head biting. If @redeye58 was biting your head off the entire board would know about it. Seriously, a little snark is fine. We don't let people attack each other, say like in a Facebook comments section.
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    Sales Floor Target discontinuing movies.

    Then there's the vinyl hunters method...
  13. commiecorvus

    Can I behave however I want during my final two weeks?

    I don't know, can you?
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    Considering coming back...

    If you work for a state agency it should be pretty easy to transfer to different department in the state. You get first shot at any job openings that come up and not every place is going to suck like the one you're at. Look at the openings for state work and apply for stuff even if you don't...
  15. commiecorvus

    Promoting at Target

    He can't comment around the site anymore. That's what happens when you keep being a racist, sexist, homophobe even when you've been asked to stop.
  16. commiecorvus

    Sales Floor Target discontinuing movies.

    Oh, just wait until you have to do a R.I.P. author endcap. That was always fun. It tended to be a volunteer thing for booksellers who liked that particular author, but if nobody volunteered somebody had to do it. Knowing Target it be more planogrammed.
  17. commiecorvus

    Sales Floor Target discontinuing movies.

    New authors are upset because B&N has changed how their tables are set up. They have gone to smaller tables with more used for games and other things. The ones that do have books are more best sellers. So it is going to be harder for new writers to get a seat at the table.
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    Contact HR but not at my store

    So she won't back off if they say no? If she asks once and then goes away, that doesn't qualify as harassment. If she keeps pressing after someone says no, that becomes harassment.
  19. commiecorvus

    Contact HR but not at my store

    This is one of the few cases where the Hotline is a good idea. If you have gone through the proper channels, and it is important to have done that first, without getting an appropriate response then your best option, in this and about only this case, is the Hotline. Spot will deal with this...
  20. commiecorvus

    What does SRT mean?

    Sandman Race Theory - you will have a panel discussion as to why it was just fine for Neil Gaiman to cast The Endless as any race he wants to.