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  1. Mikuhl

    Best Team Survey 2021

    Lets be brutally honest this time. Don't let them entice you with food. Lets get what we deserve. Rip them a new one. Periodt.
  2. Mikuhl

    The strange /u/BrianCornell reddit account.

    I was viewing Reddit and saw a strange Q2 infographic posted by none other than a user called BrianCornell. I was immediately skeptical, but looking over their content makes me believe this is either him or someone playing a very long joke. (And for what point?) Now most of their comments are...
  3. Mikuhl

    Transparency and Target

    Throughout the life of this forum we've had many Team Members from Headquarters hop in and seek very valuable opinions. To name a few, @Usiris, @mobileFellow, @mobilelady, et al. It was refreshing to be able to ask questions and give feedback, and hear back from the very people who make the...
  4. Mikuhl

    Accommodations - Learn and Earn!

    There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) that allow you to learn about products and they will accommodate your learning with prizes, gift cards, etc. These are more for Best Buy, Office Depot, and Staples, but Target team members can sign up and get rewards from (most of) them too! I...
  5. Mikuhl

    Why is Target so bad at keeping items in stock?

    Our Target Mobile is about to buy sim cards online and cancel the order so they go return to stock. Distribution center never supplys them enough sim cards which is hurting their commission. When they do send some once a month, they send like 5 which lasts us all but a few hours. They literally...
  6. Mikuhl

    Poopchis need to be recalled immediately.

    Grin Studios is back with another defective toy. There should be a poopchis endcap in toys somewhere. They are little stuffed animals with a squeeze ball inside but they break 90% of the time, shooting glitter liquid everywhere. This company should honestly be banned from Target.
  7. Mikuhl

    Flamingo Crossings (Disney Target)

    At the D23 Expo, Disney announced 25 Disney Stores coming to Target and 1 Target Store coming to Disney in 2021. This is assumed to be coming to the new Flamingo Crossings Town Center outside the western entrance of Disney World, Florida. I assume its going to be a small format store, as...
  8. Mikuhl

    Fortnite should immediately go salvage

  9. Mikuhl

    Future of Retail

    As I am so interested in cool and futuristic things happening in the retail environment, I thought I would make this thread showcasing some things happening or could happen to Target. Elo Touch Displays Currently Elo Touch Displays are in use on most if not all of the stores register screens...
  10. Mikuhl

    Research: Store Amenities

    I parsed all 1849 Target stores and recorded their amenities CVS pharmacy | 1709 Starbucks | 1635 Mobile Kiosk | 1579 Drive Up | 1422 Fresh Grocery | 1357 Cafe-Pizza |...
  11. Mikuhl

    Archived The day before the visit.

    It really irks me the sheer manpower they put in the day before a visit. Backroom is spotless. Endcaps filled. Zone is pristine. This is not a good representation of what is going on. I wish they would stop announcing visits. And just come randomly. To only one store so the other stores cant...
  12. Mikuhl

    A look into Walmart's Zebra applications.

    I really didn't think there could be anything worse than Target's but behold, Walmart's Zebra applications: Seems like their version of myWork is called Productivity? Apparently there is no way to search by items names, the search feature only lets you search by UPC. What is crazy is you...
  13. Mikuhl

    Archived mySchedule - Your schedule on the go!

    I have released mySchedule, a proof of concept for a mobile schedule app. Download for Android: mySchedule - Apps on Google Play - Due to this being an unofficial application, I cannot give a demo login as required by the Apple...
  14. Mikuhl

    myStore - For the myDeviceless TM

    I have created an app similar to myWork for Team Members who cannot access a myDevice, or only need information from myWork occasionally, but not enough to occupy a myDevice their whole shift. I also added a few tools, like barcode generators, for cart and location labels. I do not have...