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  1. TTB

    To that one Team Member - II

    It must of been the same team lead that pushed my brother to quit on the spot (happened years ago and I just learned of the story lol) apparently during his first week he witnessed a code green a baby fell out of the cart and that the mom was really sketchy too possibly abusive or neglectful...
  2. TTB

    To that one Team Member - II

    So me next ….TO that team lead who recently got promoted to ETL!!! I once asked politely if you could leave a register open so I could buy a few things when I clocked out since I saw it was slow and not many guests. YOU said all macho like next time do it on your break! NOW mr ETL you saw a good...
  3. TTB

    Benefits Bereavement pay

    This is true and I have seen it happen. My co worker missed work but she was already having issues I guess and she was “terminated “since it was her final ncns turned out she was missing because she was found dead later that night . Leaders didn’t show to her funeral and director acted as if she...
  4. TTB

    Benefits Bereavement pay

    When my father passed away I asked a lead about it and she said It’s only for leads you probably have to use your sick/vacation hours. Looking back I feel like I should have received bereavement pay and I probably asked the wrong person . I usually do closing shifts so I rarely see the Hr team...
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    Sales Floor Target discontinuing movies.

    Whoah I did not know that! Good to know I am pretty good at knowing how many pounds I am lifting I will have to test this out. I feel like if the books are busting out of the box like a popped can of biscuits it’s probably too heavy.
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    Sales Floor Target discontinuing movies.

    Ugh at my store guests love entertainment movies books and music(aka K-POP) I get asked daily multiple times do I have this (book cd/ K-pop version / movie) in stock. And so many times I can’t help them because no one is there to push the product or even backstock it. There really needs to be a...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Omg I always resent the manufacturer’s that just name the iPhone case for its size before knowing the name. (iPhone 5.7 2021 inch model blah blah) if lucky a vendor will come in to correct it with a sticker “iPhone 12 pro, I phone 6,7,8 etc) I didn’t get any damn code names.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Whoa now I have a mission to find these lol. Thank you for giving my job a reason for existence!
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    Will the board call for Cornell to retire or resign???

    Is it true about having to retire at age 65? If so is this only CEO and board members? Because maybe it should pertain to store directors as well because GOOD GAWD.
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    Saver life challenge

    Did anyone else sign up for it? They had a promotion if you save a certain amount by a certain time and they reward you. You get extra if you link a target credit union account. I signed up and and got all the rewards and today I won $100 out of the blue. They said if you saved $150 by July they...
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    Accommodations - Learn and Earn!

    So we can get rewards and prizes for being tech?!? I’m in ! I signed up for the and was awarded around $100 so far.
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    Is this happening at your store too?

    Holy hell that does about cover it! Do etls and tls get coached? I feel like the sd gets coached by corporate and then it just trickles down the chain to the TM or even TL that actually knows what’s going on and can provide the solution. When we do they don’t listen and just try and slave drive...
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    Team Voice Survey

    Literally heard sonics coins while reading that lol
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    Team Voice Survey

    Stale cold pizza by the time you get to take your break. Gift cards would be better lol
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    Team Voice Survey

    I started making comments on trainings under feedback if they listen maybe they will help. Why give me a damn training on something I can’t sit down to do on something I already know but on something that doesn’t even matter because my bosses don’t want me spending 30 to 45 minutes on guest...
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    Your store pushing loyalty Lately?

    I always show guests how to use circle they ask me how to use wallet how to add circle deals I even show them exactly where they can scan barcodes or how to scan their gift cards to to add as a payment. I have never been recognized for this apparently I take too long with guest service as they...
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    Tl has no boundaries. Want them to stop, don’t want them to get in trouble. Advice?

    There is an app called origami on the zebra. Probably can report it there .
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    How to add Applecare plan?

    There’s an app on the zebra now for AppleCare. It wasn’t there when it first rolled out so check that your zebra is updated. I didn’t know that I get “credit” almost sold one but guest was annoyed at the procedure and declined. I wanted to know the process as well. Also superiors Tl and ETL...
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    Are We Getting Bonuses this year?

    I felt this post in my inner soul. lol. It is seriously like what is in that kool aid they be drinking?!?
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    Does Target Care

    It becomes an issue when they get favored over other team members and never have to go under the scrutiny and discipline that everyone else has to because hunny bunny hooks them up. Same goes for family members.