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  1. Jayunderscore

    Advice for Fulfillment Tl moving to Closing

    Yep. Specifically because as a Closing TL I wasn't getting the district face time they felt was necessary, lack of overall department knowledge, and wasn't influencing my peers as much since they're mostly gone by the time I come in.
  2. Jayunderscore

    Advice for Fulfillment Tl moving to Closing

    Was specifically told I couldn't do this. 😭 Never been so mad in my life at the time, but in hindsight I was able to fasttrack myself out of Closing just by voicing my want to move up.
  3. Jayunderscore

    How Do You Feel?

    I'm right there with you. Currently I'm getting ready to move departments (Closing to Specialty) and while I'm happy to be done with the impossible task of closing, I'm inheriting a mess of a new division that needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. I fear it may be the final nail in my coffin.
  4. Jayunderscore

    how do i see survey answers a guest wrote about me?

    There really isn't much "secrecy" to surveys, they're mostly boring. The software also doesn't have a way to tabulating based on TM number.
  5. Jayunderscore

    Opening vs Closing Pay?

    I think perimeter pay is being misrepresented in this thread. Opening TLs get paid to do a lap around the outside of the building, unlock the doors, and unarm the building BEFORE they clock in. It's a part of their job duties to do these things, so the company pays them to do such. Same with...
  6. Jayunderscore

    Other closing leads struggling?

    I've never worked in this store during the day, I've always been closing, but it's hard to say that the store "operates" while I'm not here. It just... is. Everything, everyday, is push the truck, push from the line, and it's never cleared. When I've spoken to my SD about it, he seems to agree...
  7. Jayunderscore

    Other closing leads struggling?

    I'm right there with you. We're a Priority Pull store, so we have fewer pulls but have a goal of 75% completion. The morning team doesn't really pull anything outside of what's left overnight so when we come in at 4PM it's sometimes near 700 DPCIs. Oh, they also don't push reshop during the day...
  8. Jayunderscore

    Closing Team Leader Interview Process

    Is it an internal promotion or a transfer? Have you already interviewed with your SD and HR?
  9. Jayunderscore

    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I think this is just a bug. I saw my SD scanning through a Uboat the other day and he showed me a page that looked like this and when I scanned it I got the normal myDay page.
  10. Jayunderscore

    Specialty Sales to take over home and seasonal

    Is it just in my area or is this similar to the alignment of Small Format stores? With Tech/Beauty&HBA/Home being under one TL and then Style/SE with another.
  11. Jayunderscore

    Raising company minimum wage

    Your HRD and HRBP likely know what's going on. If I had to guess, they're apprehensive about saying anything during review season.
  12. Jayunderscore

    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    Like an outside container? If I had to guess it's because they doesn't expect the wifi to work out there so they wouldn't expect you to be able to scan locations.
  13. Jayunderscore

    Losing my patience.

    I'd say it's mostly up to your SD's discretion but sometimes there are outside factors. I know right now our HRD and BPs are saying there is a promotion freeze until after headcounts and reviews are finalized except for extraneous factors so no movement in my group right now unless approved.
  14. Jayunderscore

    Losing my patience.

    OFO completion, price change completion, and set workload completion all sound like ways to show that you've made a positive impact in the store during your development. These completion percentages will be one of the keys to your interview process. I use a similar plan with my team members who...
  15. Jayunderscore

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    My SD and I are known for picking batches when things get busy. We also have higher pick rates than our mainstay OPU people which we like to give them shit about.
  16. Jayunderscore

    Xmas eve trailers.

    For us, yes. We had an Inbound team and some GM pushers that came in separate from the closing team that unloaded the truck and pushed it and was out anywhere between 11 and 11:45PM. It was only a ~750 piece truck with no apparel or beauty breakout and a tech cage that rolled into Friday, so it...
  17. Jayunderscore

    Xmas eve trailers.

    Unfortunately this isn't a mistake. Stores in our district did the same thing for Thanksgiving. Sure, the store closes at 8pm, but you have until 11:59 to be out of the building.
  18. Jayunderscore

    Specialty How's Ulta going?

    1) you’ll still be a Target employee 2) you can train for Ulta or be in regular beauty however Ulta stores gain a Beauty TL so they may have the expectation that everyone be trained
  19. Jayunderscore

    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Is there anyone able to give a clear explanation of how this number is calculated? Either it's never right or I don't understand it. With my store's scheduling issues with OPU it'd be helpful to understand so I can provide feedback on coming clean at night without having everyone backing up the...
  20. Jayunderscore

    OLED Nintendo

    There was a communication regarding stores receiving preorders instead of the fulfillment centers and instructions regarding SFS, but other than that I think it’s business as usual.