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    Archived Given two dayside backroom shifts, haven't had time to finish training...

    Check if you are alone on those days, if not then you probably just there to push
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    Archived Backroom Statistics and Numbers

    I only worried about the amount of errors created in each area.
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    Archived how to quit asap

    Get as many of the hotties numbers that you can before you go!
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    Archived Reaching out to all seasoned BRTM's

    LOL, let me honest. It is near impossible with as much detail as you gave. Need to know your store size, your truck size, if your backroom is clean of push and backstock every night, how accurate your instocks team works, is your backstock zoned well for maximum pull speed, if you have any spare...
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    Archived Backroom Statistics and Numbers

    You got any more unanswered questions? @zephyr4
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    Archived Backroom Statistics and Numbers

    This will check the backstocking errors and pulling errors. For the amount pulled, you have to go to RWT. ( if i remember correctly it been half a year since i quit) but that resets daily. If you are a teamlead you can look at the whole week worth of pulling somewhere. probably RWT as well...
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    Archived #Workflow

    All that could have been stacked onto 2 pallets easily. I have pushed a 1200 piece truck before on time with 4 people. 2 softlines, 2 hardlines
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    Archived How to fix my backroom location accuraccy???

    How did you become a backroom teamlead if you do not even know how to brainstorm a solution for simple problem?
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    Archived Scheduled 6 Days?

    I had a period of working 14 days in a row all 7 hour shifts.
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    Archived Mandatory 15 Minute Breaks

    my breaks consist of 1 minute to walk to front, 1 minute to buy energy drink, 1 minute to walk back to backroom, 2 minutes to drink energy drink. Then its back to work. Only time i take a 15 minute break is when i know a babe is sitting in the breakroom.
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    I'm Lost! The Target Dating Thread

    I flirt with everything that moves in the store. Co-workers(male and female, but i roll straight), guests, etl's, stl, the dvd that fell off the shelf( "did u fall from heaven? let me help you up"). Just cause someone flirts with ya doesn't mean they are "trying" to hook up.
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    Archived How bad did I mess up?

    You were fine because you fixed mistake right away. Now if you left it as 9999 and instocks came and updated the on-hand then you fucked up. You could have left it like that overnight then fixed it right before instocks started scanning and you would be good.
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    Archived Leaving Seasonal Job

    Seasonal jobs are at will for both parties. They can let you go, or you can let them go and neither party can retaliate.
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    Archived How do you successfully pull an item from the backroom?

    Proper way. Go to web apps( not rf apps), all applications/mywork, then go into subt. You then type in 49xxxxxxxxx( the x's = dpci). Then click salefloor request. it will then show you the locations. scan location barcode and pull item.
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    Archived How can I zone faster?

    Move faster
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    Archived Pay Period

    Hope that before they hired you on, they were understaffed.
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    Archived Closing shift: To complain or not to complain?

    U think i work for corporate....... obviously im arguing with idiots.
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    Archived Closing shift: To complain or not to complain?

    Ok so lets say you were an independent contractor working on a project for a client. They give you a week as the project deadline. A week passes. You tell your client "I didn't finish because i only work when i'm scheduled." The client is gunna look at you like you are some sort of idiot, and...
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    Archived Bulk side backroom.

    Please please please break down assortment pipo. If you don't, you might as well go back to working truck.