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    Are TMs allowed in the AP office?

    Go Granny Go! What a role model.
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    Sick of working here.

    Save yourself some cash and brown-bag. This ain't rocket science.
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    Service & Engagement What would you of done?

    What would I HAVE done? I would have summoned the front end manager then maybe AP if he/she thought it would facilitate matters. The scenario sounds fishy.
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    Guests approach you while on break

    Our managers would be more than willing to help out if such a situation came up.
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    Guests approach you while on break

    Just defer the not easy shit.
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    Guests approach you while on break

    Enroute to TSC then breakroom "excuse me do you have Dijon mustard"? Sure do, right over here, aisle 19 in the back on the top. Easy shit.
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    Should the time clock be used for breaks?

    We occasionally squeezed the 15s to 20s nobody cared. If they did then they weren't creative enough to figure out how to swing it.
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    Song list/service

    Sam The Sham And The Pharoh's
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    Anyone remember VIBE?

    "No summer sausage? You're assholes in this store." 235 lbs and lightning fast, I wanted to knock his fucking teeth down his throat. Me: nope, sold out.
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    Anyone remember VIBE?

    It stood for Kiss Karens Ass kinda a Beach Boys thing, "good vibrations"? Stupid nonsense.
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    TM stealing from target

    When they come a 'knockin. To be young and foolish again, NOT.
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    Walmart Radio at Target

    Shirelles Greatest Hits I saw them live at the Columbia Township Auditorium in Columbia, S.C. 1967.
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    TM stealing from target

    Asking for a friend are 'ya? Use punctuation, no run on sentences please.
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    First day of training!!

    Most of the new ones listened to the old Captain, I like teaching. One cocky wise ass in one of my back room baling and machinery classes wouldn't get off his phone. I sent him to the principals office.
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    First day of training!!

    Yup yup! That's the way to do it. It was fun, learned a lot, ask questions, they may even spring for a nice lunch. I was a trainer for a few years, had some good students.
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    New plastic carts?

    Nice salad dressing display. No mustard?
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    New plastic carts?

    Cup holders? Very Karen. Sip a big drink, spend more time in the store, spend more money
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    COVID Texts

    Mrs. Captain and I had Covid about 6 months ago, Paxlovid knocked it right out.
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    Corrective Actions

    Above----7 yrs 2 call offs here. If I was sick and a TL said that shit to me they would be in for the rebuttal of their life. Childish shit if it's an infrequent issue. Constant call offs? another story.
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    What Qualities Do You Like To See In a SD

    My original STL SD would throw cardboard, haul pallets, gather carts and had open ears. I liked the guy. He left.