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    Archived Any tips for AAR(Accessory Attach Rate)

    The best way I sell attachments is easy. Ask them questions. Find out who they're buying it for. "Do you have kids? How many? Oh you have 3 kids? Well you will NEED 2 extra controllers so that they can play too! Nobody likes to play this game alone." Any information you can get from the guest...
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    Archived X Men First Class Unavailable

    Dang sucks for ya'll I got a crap ton of x-men both blu-ray and reg dvd and got the Starfox 64 But my question is do new releases come out on CAFs because I saw the last one get sold way before the 7 O'clocks and then a guest asked if we had more and when I checked we had a whole bunch left...
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    Archived Catchy....

    ROARY THE RACING CAR! im smarter than the average bear! WHO RUNS THE WORLD? WHO RUNS THE WORLD? Or do you guys remember this one? Or how about the Free Tech Support commercial?
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    OMG that irks me tooo its soooooo nasty and gross... like seriously either hold it in your hand or find a holster... but dont put it in your ass crack! :bad::bad:
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    Archived Promotion? Raise?

    Indeed, everyone underestimates us Electronics TMs... 2+1 attachments/esps answering questions about cameras,tvs,docking stations, videos games and consoles... then we gotta zone books, dvds, mmb, electronics boat, video games, electronics and luggage and have to finish early to a) zone seasonal...
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    Archived Presentation team spending more time working the sales floor?

    Tell me about people having no hours. At my store flow is leaving so much stuff from the truck that it spills into regular CAF pulls. Instocks hasnt done research in weeks. At Guest Service there is a million and half foreign/abandon carts. There are no TMs on the floor until...
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    Archived HP Touchpad

    Yea... I was wondering that today... people kept insisting i had it and the whole day i was confused.
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    Archived I hate it when...

    ^^ This :facepalm:
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    The most annoying thing is that he will be all gung-ho about helping one guest(aka asking me where the item is) but when its something he could totally do and knows about it hes like "Oh I don't work for Target. I only deal with these cellphones right here" And I am like... Uhmmm that wasnt...
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    I hate this one TME with a passion. Whats worse is that they dont sell crap but then ruin my attachments and ESPs. They always try to help guests but dont know anything so they end up asking me... Guest: "Sir where are the irons? TME: " Hey, @#$@#$ where are irons?" Me: Clearly annoyed...
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    To that one guest

    Heh those people drive me nuts. Yea you can get a discount on this TV. Sign up for a Red Card. No you can't use my discount.
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    To that one guest

    No. Greatest theft story ever. Lady walks right up to where we sell memory cards for cameras. She pulls a tiny pair of scissors out of her pocket and cuts a memory card. Luckily I was right there and was like, "Ma'am, I am right here. You shouldn't have done that." What was worse is that as...
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    To that one guest

    To that one guest shopping 5 minutes before we're closing. Thanks for being a jerk and having me answer a million and one questions about a camera. Then changing your mind and deciding to get your niece a couple video games. And then asking me which one is better. >_> And then going into...
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    Archived Scanning IDs

    If I have a guest purchasing something over say $200 I ask for an id just to verify the name on the card and the ID match because my store is a high fraud and high theft store. Shoot we even have money pens for checking $20s $50s and $100s
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    To that one Team Member I - ARCHIVED

    No what I can't stand is walking into the electronics stockroom and there is a million baffles in every waco... I sometimes wonder who does the backstock in there...
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    Archived I hate it when...

    hahaha I was comming into work and saw a flat break in half as a vendor was bringing in milk. I felt so bad for the guy.
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    Archived Library ladders

    They are so nice, but I hate when I have to walk all the way down the aisle to get the library ladder to get something thats at the front. But other than that they are amazing!
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    To that one guest

    I think I found about 5 different cups all from food avenue and about 3 pizza boxes when I closed tonight. I thought there was a pizza party in electronics.
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    Archived back to school

    I had someone ask if we had even longer tables, specifically for beer pong. LOL
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    Archived Netbooks and tablets

    I was kinda wondering that too. I was telling my ETL and TL that it wouldnt be hard to set it so nobody could "hack it"