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  1. Zxy123456

    Why do leadership in retail places schedule short shifts instead of fewer days when cutting hours?

    We have some Team members at my store who commute an hour to work.
  2. Zxy123456

    Why do leadership in retail places schedule short shifts instead of fewer days when cutting hours?

    In my situation with Target it depends on how many of my hours are getting cut. If there cutting my hours from 37 to 27 they will give me an extra day off. If the are cutting me from 37 to 32 then I just get shorter days. I’ve seen Target do both.
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    2023 New pilots?

    If I see a guest not scan something on the bottom of the cart, I can politely ask guest if they forgot about the item. If they were trying to steal it mostly likely they would say they changed their mind. If the honestly forget they would scan it.
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    improving DU times

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    2023 New pilots?

    If your stocking candy near SCO that’s ok but, if you have to stock candy at all check lanes then you can’t properly watch or assist Sco. I think SCO should only do Sco and maybe assist cashiers who need help.
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    I actually like working for Target and much rather work there than Walmart. I think each Target is different and all team leads and ETL’S are different.
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    Anything I should know about Cashiering?

    Was a cashier/ service desk 10 years. Some times it wasn’t too bad. I’m drive up now and I wouldn’t go back to cashiering.
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    No Pizza

    I think our cafe/ food avenue closed to give us opu space. Our cafe was doing really well and we got lots of complaints when it closed.
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    2023 New pilots?

    Been with Target 12 years and cashiers have always done bullseye. I don’t think that will ever change.
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    Service & Engagement What are the paper things that are mostly the same size that cover the pricetag

    When I was a cashier I used to hate when a clearance sticker would be put over the barcode. I would have to put in the DPCI
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    Discounts on target branded items

    You Get an extra discount on good and gather organic the same as you did on simply balanced.
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    Sayin' Hello

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    No Pizza

    We lost our pizza with the store remodel. I think sooner or later all stores with loose pizza forever.
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    How do I check my schedule?

    My time is the schedule app it hasn’t changed. I just checked it worked for me.
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    Weirdest item you’ve seen/had to spider wrap?

    I was at a family dollar once and saw a $1 spatula with a security device.
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    2023 New pilots?

    That’s how it is on front end. When my store decided to have a dedicated drive up team, i Jumped on real quick. I only get called to cashier once in a blue moon and only for a few minutes max.
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    Service & Engagement What would you of done?

    There is nothing to stop a guest from buying the limit and going to another lane or sco and buying the limit again. Heck they can get the limit at Target and then go to Walgreens etc.. to get the limit again.
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    First off it would take 2 to 3 hours just to zone and organize bullseye before I can even begin to push new pallets. In the hours left of my shift after zoning I can do at least one pallet or 2. You also have to factor in time to back stock. There is usually tons of back stock. Even with a...
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    Why Target refusing to raise a single cent above $15/hr ?

    After Christmas is considered bounce back. Everything gets a deep cleaning. All cashiers to a deep cleaning of the registers and check lane’s. I’ve done this many times.