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    Backstocking case freight

    What happened to the Backroom should be set like the salesfloor? So if I have a stack of shirts from XS to XXL on a table on the floor, the backstock of those shirts should be XS to XXL in a Waco in the back. Now our softlines Backroom is a shit show, but that’s how they say it should be.
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    Coaching for call outs

    Depending on your state? That’s dare I say illegal. Some states have protected sick time. So if you use it, you CAN’T be coached. If you are, hotline that and contact the labor board.
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    Does Spot Provide Uniforms?

    You’ll get an apron and a hat. Everything else, you provide.
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    How to quit descretly

    They get notice right away. I helped someone resign and five minutes later I had a phone call from an ETL asking if I knew and could the TM be saved. It’s up to them if they read their notifications.
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    closing TL expects us to clock out but makes us wait 20-40 minutes to leave building

    In our store, one person is scheduled to stay with the Closing Lead. The rest of the team leaves in pairs or groups. I don’t see why you’d need to hold the entire closing team there—are you guys locked in or something?
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    salty LODS

    Was your LOD saying it was ridiculous there was so much swim or ridiculous you couldn’t find half the stuff? Did you use the RFID gun? Did you partner with someone from Softlines?
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    To that one Team Member - II

    Nah. The guest would have left it in the ground.
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    Why does Target sell 3 types of prepaid card - Visa, Mastercard and American Express?

    Because they sell. Guests have preferences with the credit card types. So they buy the one they like.
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    Question for closing leads

    What the hell. The HR should be fighting for you to have coverage even if every other leader says fake the punch.
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    Planogram Colors Meaning

    Each department is getting color coded. So all electronics gets a color. All home gets a color. Etc etc
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    Best Team Survey - results?

    This. Say you have 10 team members. If you get a 50, that means half of them voted disagree. It’s easy to look at the workcenter and figure out how many pissed off tms there are. Especially for ETLs and TLs because there are so few.
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    Is it the new norm to have to zone 15+ aisles in a few hours?

    We’d think that was easy at our store. Four hours to zone two full blocks and reshop and backing up and defects and guest service.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    If the OPU is small and the Drive Up is small it’s quicker than doing two batches. So I can pick a two dpci OPU batch and a 3 dpci drive up and put it into the hold quicker than doing them separately. It’s 30 minutes from the tome it drops, not 30 minutes from the time you start picking.
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    Interesting Huddles

    Group coaching!? The ETL probably had the TL so this “for their development”
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    Closing Experts

    We have hours for one closing expert. All other closers fall into their department hours.
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    What was your team lead training experience like?

    Bring up your concerns to your trainer. If that doesn’t work, talk to your store. Cover your ass so when you come back and they are like Why aren’t you... or did f you learn... You have some sort of record. I would never go out for training and just be some other stores grunt and keep my...
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    Closing Experts

    We don’t have a Closing Expert yet. And holy crap. 120 hours!! How many are you getting?
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    Kronos discrepancy

    Paper schedule for this week. Next week Kronos/MyTime is accurate. (As accurate as it ever is)
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    Lead pay bump

    This is happening with a current TL. He doesn’t want the responsibility. Still waiting to know if they demote and stay or have to transfer.
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    Vineyard vines batches 😂

    Re-backstock it?! What a waste of time. Way to be efficient, ETL.