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    Gay/ lesbian/ LGBT - any ETLs, STLs, DTLs, or higher?

    Our ETL log is an Open Lesbian & Our dtl Is is an Openly Gay Man. Sexual orientation had no bearings here!
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    Sales Floor Hello from a *permanent* team member!

    Get your drinks ready, you’re going to need them... all of them.
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    Question for closing leads

    I was an electronics TM before the promotion & got a $7 dollar raise. $6 was the base raise but I experience pay for unofficially being in a TL role. Also in February we’re moving to have all Leaders do Mids so there’s someone there to at least cover my meal period.
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    To my Electronics TM Plus peers, What are we supposed to do with phones that have been traded in?
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    Thanksgiving Abbreviations

    I’m assuming MLA is mobile line ambassador (massive face palm) can’t wait to see which one of our iimconfident TM will be doing activations
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    "I swear I didn't even wear it" – the Halloween Costume Returns

    Lucy you. We coincidentally got a new AP ETL right around the time our district decided to actually enforce the policy of tossing all items that comes up toss among other bullsugar.
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    Zebra question- headphones??

    Have you tried blowing it 😏😉
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    Target beauty aisles

    Ha Our typical Beauty shifts includes pharmacy, cosmetics, natural carehair care, oral care, body care, pets, Kitchen, Stationary & party...unless there’s this fantasy thing called double coverage, then beauty is just cosmetics, natural care and hair care
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    More Devices!!

    I don’t know all the technical stuff behind actually setting it up but yeah AP literally slapped a rfid sticker inside it underneath the battery. We used Undies but honestly the Gift Registry Bags Sounds like a better option
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    More Devices!!

    We finally RFIDed Our Zebraz, so that solves the issue of only having 5 when the report says 20 more were active recently & Bleep the cashiers tell them to download the target app, since their always on their phones anyways.
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    Terms for termination? (longish post)

    Would over overriding a $900+ device to $0 be a good reason to term a ETL termination? Just knowing that alone the answer would be duck yeah but listen to the circumstances! The guest came in sent from another store for a contract phone promo (BOGO-free + $150 per line). Because the printer...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Sold my first contract phone tonight with half ass training ... felt good. it was a shit show, a successful one tho. Looking back on it, I seriously don’t remember scanning a gift card for the promo aka the whole reason why she chose to finance rather than buying It out. 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣
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    Took Home Keys

    I took the electronics keys home before. Happened When I closed. I just called the next day to let them know I had them & would bring them in later on that day. We also had a Chasier take the jewelry keys home before Leaveing the country for vaca, we didn’t get them back till they returned &...
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    Came back from vacation and am still out of the system--getting nervous

    I have a month long LOA last year & had no problem using the time clock. Not sure if they worked all that out beforehand since I asked to come back a week earlier than expected.
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    How to acquire my own zebra?

    Ahh heres one solution start hiding your equipment too. Let this become someone else problem.
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    Ever found out a coworker led a secret life?

    I’m a part time cam girl who dresses up as a horse. noone I work with would ever know unless that paid for a private session.. which would also say a lot about their secret life (maybe this should’ve been in the confessional thread ) :oops:
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Honestly we have so much wasted space at the top of our stockroom wacos, I dont understand why we don’t just keep the display boxes up there,instead of throwing them out & letting parts get misplaced. Selling TV Displays would be so much easier having the box & actually being able to locate the...
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Circling back to TVs , Is it better to buy a fire Tv or a regular TV and a fire Stick? I understand it’s one less wire or device but, like can you jailbreak a Tv?o_O
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    Sales Floor Let's meet in the Middle; an Electronics/Tech thread

    Transition starts this week and as a religious closer, Im screwed. 7 am shifts all week which mean i have to wake up at 5:3o for the bare minimal. I Think My boss has lost her mind...just a little
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    Serial Numbers

    Any Electronic heads or AP heads know what’s the deal with Samsung having an additional letter at the end of the serial# on the actual item (in this case TVs) and not on the actual box? Ie. 0174 on the box, but 0174F on the TV Are there other companies that does this?