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  1. Aredhel

    A Random Thread

    I’ve been yelled at by a guy from Jersey about buying into a timeshare. He couldn’t talk to my husband cuz Bubba was gettin his teef pulled....
  2. Aredhel

    A Random Thread

    Blandly confuse Indian and Pakistani. That can be incendiary. For the record I have friends from both countries and I have respect for the cultures. It’s the scammers I don’t like and they’ve heaped plenty of anti American abuse on me.
  3. Aredhel

    A Random Thread

    A good heads up. My post was about the credit card, IRS, Apple etc calls at home. I’ve gotten so many lately that it interferes with the batches of cookies I’m baking for the police who will put me in jail unless I send gift card numbers right away. Press one and let the games begin.
  4. Aredhel

    A Random Thread

    Some phone scammers are forbidden to hang up which is why they get nasty once they know you know their deal, they need you to hang up. Amuse yourself, friends, family by not hanging up and asking loads of ridiculous questions. Do not say affirmatives like yeah, yes, ok etc. They claim you’ve...
  5. Aredhel

    Sales Floor CRAZY capacities

    Looks like store level wasn’t the only place “Modernized”.
  6. Aredhel

    Unloading the Truck More Efficiently

    Back in the day...Nope. Never mind.
  7. Aredhel

    Halloween Already ??? Goodbye July, August, September

    Because Halloween candy will fare so well in a parked trailer in July in Texas. Hell I worried about it in late September.
  8. Aredhel

    Anyone here deal with mental illness?

    Everyone and I mean everyone is a burden at some point. Remind yourself what IS working in your life. Keep a sense of perspective. You sound like you can take care of business. And , well, cake. Not too much though.
  9. Aredhel

    15 dolla make u holla (in despair)

    Neurodivergent. The best description I’ve heard.
  10. Aredhel

    Saying "Goodbye, farewell!"

    Congratulations don’t burn your Spot bridges cause you never know😉
  11. Aredhel

    15 dolla make u holla (in despair)

    And I can sum up your entire problem is that you have to have people doing certain jobs and if you don’t give them enough time YOU will be taking up the slack and . you. won’t. like. it.
  12. Aredhel

    Anyone here deal with mental illness?

    Your feelings are common to others, normal and valid. If you didn’t feel dismay that would be unusual. You have an opportunity to look around and decide if the new Spot is a good fit. Quote for @WalksforMiles- or anyone really.
  13. Aredhel

    Other LGBT+ Folks?

    69 eh? ☺ George Carlin described a 71. 69 with two digits somewhere.
  14. Aredhel

    MODERATED General Politics Thread II

    I recommend the military only because it has the most resources to deal with the problems in a timely manner. If conditions are as dire as they appear. Management by crisis is an awful way to deal with immigration.
  15. Aredhel

    MODERATED General Politics Thread II

    Looks like it could only improve with military organization. Obama was described as “deporter and chief”. The holding facilities are obviously over run. This should be fixed not just complained and argued about.
  16. Aredhel

    MODERATED General Politics Thread II

    Militarize the border and the holding facilities. With the numbers of people trying to cross it’s an invasion and can only be dealt with by the military. ICE etc is obviously overwhelmed. Make new laws if necessary but get the people into organized facilities where there should be direct...
  17. Aredhel

    How to quit descretly

    Be obvious go for cake☺️
  18. Aredhel

    MODERATED General Politics Thread II

    Same shit different day.
  19. Aredhel

    Food choices & budget

    Runzas. 😅