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    Punched In During a 15min break.

    I read the title as "punched during 15 minute break" and expected a very different kind of thread.
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    Are there any sd's that buck the system ,is it possible for any to think outta the box or are they handcuffed by corp

    Fuck modernization. Sincerely, Someone who is emphatically NOT a socialist.
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    Christmas blitz is back

    We've always done TAT overnight on the 31st at least as long as I've been here. I luuuurve my overnights.
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    Pricing and Presentation Halloween

    I feel like I had to McGyver some element of pretty much everything I built for this set.
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    Requesting to switch teams??

    Be patient with yourself. The learning curve for POG requires Dramamine.
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    Dairy reset

    Our cooler shelves are grody as fuck. Nobody cleans them except POG team when we're doing major transitions.
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    Day of the Dead Barbie

    My point (which would have been more successfully delivered in sarcasm font) is you can't win with some people. If you, a presumed member of the majority culture, pay tribute to a minority holiday, you're accused of cultural appropriation. If you avoid that accusation by only acknowledging the...
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    Day of the Dead Barbie

    Guess we should only acknowledge white European holidays. That'll go over well.
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    Those people Regis picks up, though. We had a brawl break out on the floor several years ago.
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    Do they really believe?

    Not pictured: evidence of any causal relationship between modernization and stock prices.
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    How did you find out about TBR?

    I was Googling what the hell a BAFFLE was.
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    Trying to call out for the last hour..

    CVS's heart is in every prescription they fill. (Ew.)
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    To That One Guest - II

    Save their address and send them a gift.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    Pre-tie? LOL, what's that?
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    To that one Team Member - II

    TDK's coworker is asking for an item's general location so s/he can point the guest in that direction. That's a quick search on a Zebra. Only if you don't have a Zebra handy or a reasonable effort with the Zebra isn't getting you any useful information should you be calling out to the rest of...
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    Noises that give you PTSD

    *scriitch, scriiitch, scriiitch* -- The old motorized carts
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    Why are we open on Labor Day?

    All the other countries let their workers take US holidays off. We need re-education.
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    Why are we open on Labor Day?

    If it's really that important to you, request the day off well in advance.
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    MEGATHREAD Flexible Fulfillment

    I mean, whoever heard of a Target policy that was ridiculous?