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    Salvage and CRC

    There is a report for that, but I'm not sure who has access to it. I know that AP does, because my store's AP ETL will bring it up occasionally especially if the number is high. If there isn't a sticker, the store does not get credit for it. I'm not sure what happens with unstickered items. But...
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    Salvage and CRC

    They have updated processes lately and added new types of stickers that may print out. They also sent out updated posters fairly recently that show which items can be salvaged vs what needs to be put through ESIM. It wasn't especially clear before for certain items, but within the past few...
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    Time off request now through Mytime

    Another thing I wish they would do is make it so we can see how much PTO we have saved up. It is stupid that we have to go to a whole separate website to look it up.
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    How to turn off drive-up alerts on the myDevice?

    I know there used to be a trick to making them go away but I can't remember it. I've tried logging out from the Pickup app directly and making sure it was closed but the alerts are still going off.
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    UPS Strike

    I actually mentioned to my AP ETL how helpful it would be to have 3rd party vendors on Globalworx. We could actually keep them accountable then. I can call supervisors all I want but 95% of them won't actually try to fix the problem.
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    UPS Strike

    I'll take Excell and AG's stuff because they at least come to work it, but I'll be refusing anything from Neca. It's like pulling teeth to get someone from that company to come and put stuff out. I've just given up trying to get someone to come and put it out.
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    Pink CRC license plates

    Do the ones you can order now have the address printed on them? I'm getting really tired of having to write it out every time we need to use one.
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    Has your United Healthcare HRA balance transferred to Blue Cross Blue Shield HRA like it was supposed to?

    Mine wasn't rolled over either and I am a bit worried about it. I probably have around $1200 that hasn't transferred over yet.
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    Pride merch

    Multiple z-bars and a 3 tier of product. Probably sent back over 300 items in total. From what I could tell, every single piece of children's clothing was pulled from the floor. Some of those didn't pop up on any of the recalls so they are just sitting in the back waiting to see if those need to...
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    HELP! Any receivers/GM leaders

    Make sure the Readerlink labels are still good. There is a date on them that they need to be used before. Also, make sure you aren't mixing book IR batches together.
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    I sent out one book this week. Last week I sent out only enough to fit in a #7 SFS box. I sent out way more cds, but even those weren't huge. I'm bracing for a massive amount of book IRs to drop in the next 2 weeks. There is a decent-sized reset coming for our store.
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    HELP! Any receivers/GM leaders

    It really comes down to how much space you have available to use. This really can change how everything is set up. Ideally, you should have 2 skid spaces for Coke and Pepsi and one for DPSG (Potentially 2 depending on how much they sell in your store.) 1 skid space for American Greetings...
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    CRC Salvage new program

    Thank you, I'll have to check it out next time I'm in.
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    CRC Salvage new program

    wait what? This is a thing now? I'm gonna have to look into this because I guarantee that the soft lines team is not paying attention to this in my store. Was there any communication about it that i can look up?
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    2023 New pilots?

    Yeah, I've been doing all that extra stuff since I started receiving almost 5 years ago. I'm guessing this thing was developed while they were still planning on going forward with that disaster of a receiving pilot
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    I really wish that while receiving something and you scan an item that has already been scanned you could back out of that item without fully backing out of the order. Or even being able to add 0 when it asks how many more to add. You can scan the next item without needing to enter a quantity...
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    It's probably been fixed for a week or two at this point, but I just noticed it today and I'm really happy about it. When issuing a P.O. it no longer prints out stickers for those POs unless you assign more than one at a time. It is just a little thing, but it is going save so much waste in the...
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    New plastic carts?

    My PML will be pissed when we get these, he was always fixing the old ones. Since we got the metal/plastic hybrids he has maybe had to replace a few wheels and only a handful have gotten to the point of being unfixable.
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    MEGATHREAD myDay app

    Can you not print out single product labels from the hip printer anymore? I had the correct labels loaded into my printer and when I hit print 'generic label it popped up the green bar that said it printed but nothing came out. The only type of printer I seem to be able to print in the UPC tags...
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    Logistics Spot considering scanning trucks again

    Is this essentially bringing back the 'Red Line' process? Does this pave the way for at least a overnight/early morning backroom team?