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    Confused by what GSTL is saying or trying to say

    So today, this one GSTL pulls me off the register and he explains that he doesn't want to have to come over and explain the same things whenever cashiers have questions and in terms of dealing with guests. He goes on to tell me that he wants us to be more confident when dealing with guests...
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    Downloading the Target App on Phone

    So I used to have the Target app on my phone, but I deleted it after leaving Target for my new job. Unfortunately, after returning to Target, my phone hasn't let me download the Target app again because it doesn't have enough space on it. I would like to download the app again to be able to look...
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    Thinking about Returning after Quitting

    Hi guys, Basically, I used to work at Target for less than a year as a cashier. I had no problems and even came in on days that I wasn't scheduled and was generally reliable. I actually quit Target about two months ago because a job at a company my brother worked at opened up (long story)...