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    Active Shooter Training

    Scary moment earlier at my store. Apparently a disgruntled customer came in and threatened to shoot the place up. I don’t think he had a gun on him, I wasn’t in the store at the time. But he’s not in custody, so that’s concerning...
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    Let's see them Black Thursday/Black Friday Scheds!

    Because I have graduate classes Thursday, my availability gave me Thanksgiving off. But I kinda want that extra pay. But at the same time, family traditions 🤔
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    Team Member Shirts

    While from a legal point of view this is true, I don’t think Target’s going to go after someone selling a few shirts online.
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    Thanksgiving pay?

    I believe the norm is time and a half plus an extra dollar per hour.
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    Just tell her to shop at Walmart.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Yeah I used the Empty Packages app, I just throw the phrase “damage out” very loosely lol
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    To That One Guest - II

    May have been a combination of people trying them on and theft. I found glasses out of their packaging, but found other packages with their glasses missing. Had to damage a bunch out.
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    Black Friday

    Walmart just announced their Black Friday ad, AirPods for $129. This is the type of thing I was talking about. Also Apple Watch series 3 for $129. Target has no exciting deals like that.
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    To That One Guest - II

    Omg, I found so many empty packages of reading glasses the other day. I hate when people do that.
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    In the news....

    We'll still sell Deans milk, they only filed for bankruptcy protection. They'll still operate.
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    Playing Music In Target?

    Oh no, I was on the phone with customer service today. They use the same hold music as they do in stores. Luckily I haven't heard I Feel Love yet.
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    Playing Music In Target?

    Give us some Christmas music, I’m ready to get in the holiday spirit. And I’ll probably regret saying that after a few days of it playing lol
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    Target CEO pay doubles.

    In the end, they want to keep the wages low because it'll decrease the profits, and they don't want to disappoint their shareholders. A retired multimillionaire can buy a bunch of shares and make more money over the year sitting on their ass than an employee who busted their ass. That's capitalism.
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    Or maybe a bit too much Kool-Aid. Or maybe it was sarcasm that went over my head.
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    Did you forget the sarcasm font?
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    Reply if you’ve cried at work

    I’ve never cried, but sometimes I’ll snap at someone if I’m really frustrated, then I’ll apologize to them. I’ve come close to crying when people I really respected were leaving.
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    To That One Guest - II

    TTOG: You can’t open the electric razors and turn them on! You’re lucky I don’t charge you for them. Gross.
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    Playing Music In Target?

    Maybe the first 2 or 3 times. But when you hear it 6 times in one shift, you’ll want to destroy all the speakers in the store.
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    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    They actually listened to us, they made the ad dates bolder and easier to read.
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    To all new and of course "vets" so to speak...

    To be fair, picks are very easy to lean and fulfill. Maybe that’s just because I’ve been with spot for 6 years though. But as long as they’re trained properly and can prove they can get it done, I don’t have a problem with it.