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  1. Ringwraith917

    Open Video Game Exchange

    ALL-powerful superintelligent AI will abandon its tasks and just spend all its time and energy answering meaningless questions on nigh infinite numbers of decades old forums. Computer equivalent of scrolling through funny cat videos instead of working
  2. Ringwraith917

    Black Friday 2023

    It was a good, very busy day at my store. Nothing compared to the crowds of 5 years ago, but busy enough to be stressful.
  3. Ringwraith917

    Black Friday 2023

    Wednesday they gave us food. Today they just rolled in with food after I sat down with my food I bought bc there was nothing when I checked
  4. Ringwraith917

    $1.00 extra from 10/22/2023 to 01/06/2024

    Cheer is from whoever is finally seeing profits from their retail business after a slow year. Owners and upper management, people who get bonuses based off profit.
  5. Ringwraith917

    Too many vendors

    Sounds like a nightmare. I'm at a pretty good store and I swear if my main RLE ever quit and I became the main, I wouldn't be there long. It's a thankless unending struggle, constantly cleaning up behind everyone, fighting for space, being interrupted 1000 times a day.
  6. Ringwraith917

    Logistics RFID Scan % After Annual Inventory?

    Yeah inventory team really screws up OHs for a while every time. I bet your extras went up by exactly the same amount as your counted went down. Example: Say you have 5 red Medium shirts and 5 red Small shirts. Inventory team counts it as 10 Small shirts. Now RFID counts 5 small and 5 Medium...
  7. Ringwraith917

    Too many vendors

    There are a couple vendors you could ask to come less often. But I don't think you have the authority to "just say no" to vendors. We have about 19 different vendors that make deliveries, not counting "mail", Donation and FDC. Most of them are 2 or 3 times a week. UPS is bringing tons of...
  8. Ringwraith917

    I have been transferred to another store ( i asked for transfer other store close to my house )

    This thread is now about how bad the phones are. I hate answering the my device phone because, how do I talk to someone and use the mydevice to look something up at the same time, without putting them on speaker phone for every other guest nearby to hear whatever random uncensored nonsense...
  9. Ringwraith917

    Product design fails

    What products have you noticed that are complete fails of Design, either by lack of function or unintended messaging or extreme breakability? I'll start. I have not seen a single one of these deer that is not broken
  10. Ringwraith917

    Sales Floor Iron Flame book

    It would have been hard locked at the register I believe. They may have seen them on the sales floor but it was a mistake. I saw a Tiktok of guests seeing them in the book shipping boxes on a U-Boat on the sales floor as a team member was working them supposedly.
  11. Ringwraith917

    I have been transferred to another store ( i asked for transfer other store close to my house )

    It's one of those contradictory things. Depending on your leaders, you either focus on tasks or guests. Current leadership at my store is way more task focused. I haven't heard anything about "greet every guest" or calls to sign in to the phones. I have heard constant criticisms about TMs work...
  12. Ringwraith917

    I have been transferred to another store ( i asked for transfer other store close to my house )

    In target phone app, sign out. No they won't let you change back so soon.
  13. Ringwraith917

    $1.00 extra from 10/22/2023 to 01/06/2024

    Idk if they're "seasonal" but I see a lot of new TM's around lately
  14. Ringwraith917

    Question about the alleged SD bonus incentive for promoting female gender and/or minorities to leadership role?

    I believe it. Spot said very clearly a couple years ago that they wanted to increase the number of black employees across the board by 20%. Target pledges to increase number of Black employees by 20% as companies are pressured to take action -...
  15. Ringwraith917

    Black Friday 2023

    It's coming up. Any official info on hours of operation/ scheduling, etc?
  16. Ringwraith917

    Fall National Meeting

    @redeye58 Texas is a whole 'nother country indeed, it's nuts. In the meantime the municipalities should consider passing incentives for compliance rather than fines for noncompliance. That gets around those laws. For instance any retail store with a Zero Plastic Bag policy could get a tax break...
  17. Ringwraith917

    Store closing at 10 but TMs working until 11

    Yeah I don't know if that happens here but I do know during the day lately they are strict about everyone leaving on time because they're so far over allocated hours. It was absolutely normal in the past when I worked closing
  18. Ringwraith917

    Question about policy on promoting to PML

    I've worked for Target for 18ish years and they really don't like to promote from team member to leadership within the same store. AP team member may have been different because it's considered a more respected leadership adjacent position. Even promoting to team lead usually requires being...
  19. Ringwraith917

    Playing Music In Target?

    Yes I've noticed that too. Maybe the new song selection is based on updated guest demographics. Idk
  20. Ringwraith917

    Playing Music In Target?

    I just heard The Macarena. ❤️ Idk why but it made my heart happy. There's an awful remake of Jolene playing lately I havent ID'd yet. It just says "Jolene" about 50 times at one point. Anyone know it?