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    Black Friday 2023

    We have that Part Time Heroes sign setup too, makes me laugh every time I see it. Are we hiring firefighters or something....
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    Is there a company policy that every Target store must have a cart pusher for safety procedures and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

    Not sure how relevant it is to this but at my first store we switched to the bigger plastic carts years ago. At that time we got rid of the cart pusher machine and were told it did not fit the bigger carts. Luckily the full plastic carts are lighter and even a person that is not that strong...
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    Pride merch

    With all the upper management in this company they do not have decent PR people? The whole response to this has been sad, I can see moving things in areas that have a lot of complaints. Now they are starting a whole new controversy by having stores send back merchandise, which will be talked...
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    Pride merch

    I am pretty sure more training is going to drop into Workday over all this at some point.
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    2023 New pilots?

    Under this new system who has to pull priorities now?
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    Trailer unload time

    Wow, 1600 piece truck should take around hour and a half with full team. Maybe 2 max if it is a messy truck ( pallets collapsing boxes to top of ceiling ) They are really picky about the unload times though I am surprised they let you take that long unless you only had 3 people. Sometimes a few...
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    Will the board call for Cornell to retire or resign???

    Even with under-staffing it could be done if they sent decent trucks. I am not even talking about the multiple items being sent, we are getting clearance and salvage on our trucks. With profits down 90% they should fire a top manager in the logistics chain, Brian seems untouchable so I doubt he...
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    One For Ones

    Yeah, starting to notice that too. Priorities are smaller but the backroom stays full. Had a smaller truck today and pulled some of the 141's and made some shelf space. We just had priorities start this past week. So far they only have us pulling priorities and not 141's so much. I think I will...
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    One For Ones

    I was about to ask about "priority pulls" since I see few talking about it, maybe it has not rolled out to all stores yet. Personally it is nice since my store is way behind on 141's lately. The main question know one seems to have an answer for is what makes an item priority? It is not really...
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    Target Area Names By Initials

    Did not see OFO: 1for1's listed. On occasion someone is just scheduled for this.
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    Target posts a stunning drop in profit. Stock plunges

    Thing is with inflation the rest of retail is not doing great either. If they really realize stores are struggling with excess freight because we are finally getting things we should have got 3 or 4 months ago, they should not cut hours that much hopefully.
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    Service & Engagement Shutting down Bullseye’s Playground

    I remember that too, a long time ago.
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    College Degree vs Experience

    Not sure were the company stands on the degree being that important now. I can say though over the years I have worked with ETLs that have a nice college degree but hardly any retail experience so yeah, I am going with the experience vote.
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    Starbucks and Returns at Drive Up

    I can see guests using this just to get there drinks faster. Fast food and Restaurants have to get their Doordash, Ubereats, etc. orders together before they can do in-store orders. Hopefully Starbucks is lucky and they will get more hours to hire more people.
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    Nationwide Entire Store Price Audit?

    Does anyone know the exact reason this happened? I have heard Tik Tok or Youtube video, maybe pending lawsuit. Just trying to find out, does not really matter I guess. Since it was store-wide it must have been something that really got the attention of corporate though.
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    Nationwide Entire Store Price Audit?

    My new store has a small plano/presentation team. Was kinda surprised since it is a smaller store compared to my last. Lots of people started scanning today, have no ideal if they will finish today. Should have started yesterday had more people then, even though they called some in today.
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    Nationwide Entire Store Price Audit?

    Same here, wonder if it carries into next week for some stores?
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    New unload process

    I am sure most people would not miss the unload/sort process. If it leads to getting more things done on a daily basis it will be nice but it will more then likely mean cut hours depending on the store. If this was happening soon I am sure there would be a post on the DC sub here. Since this...
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    One for ones

    Lately when I pull one for ones and I have pulled a decent amount of things (20+) but I am not done with the batch the system kicks me out and I get the green batch completed sign at the bottom, while I am sure it is nice on some metric somewhere I did not really finish the whole batch yet. Is...
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    MyDay App Backroom Error Issues

    That almost has to be a joke this newer system (last 4 years or so) is almost totally metric driven. I know metrics have always been important but this system has brought it up to a new level.