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    Greener Pastures Post Spot?

    Best decision i have made in my working life. So many people are afraid to leave Spot because they have been beaten down and no longer think they can make it somewhere else. i just had a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend and am looking forward to the week between Christmas and New Years off. For over...
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    Can a tl be fired

    If a TL notices “odd behavior” they report it to HR and then it’s out of their hands. HR has the knowledge on how to proceed within the law, TLS don’t. A good TL will never divulge this information to any team member. Just because you think nothing has been or is currently being done is really...
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    Myself and 5 other women reported the same man to HR today.

    If someone harasses you or touches you without your consent, you go to HR. Don't do it in a group. It doesn't matter if its 1 or 20 people its happened to. 1 is too many. If they do it again after you have reported it, you march your behind up to HR immediately and tell them they did it again...
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    Is it bad to leave in December?

    You do not "owe" Target anything, Not two weeks, not your firstborn. 2 weeks is a courtesy. Nothing more, nothing less. Why do people feel so beholden to this company? They would eliminate you in a heartbeat if they needed to.
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    Is your store having all TL’s close the store themselves?

    talk to her again. figure out how many times you have opened and tell them ( don’t ask, TELL)they owe you back pay for those dates. Put it in an email for a paper trail. sometimes ETLS get amnesia when confronted by BPs about why something was not taken care of. You are not asking for a favor...
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    Is your store having all TL’s close the store themselves?

    It applies only if you are opening or closing the building. If you are the first one there to take down alarms and unlock doors or last one to leave and arm the building and do the drive around, then you get the pay
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    Reply if you’ve cried at work

    Why do you think the backroom bathroom is always occupied? Never let them see you cry
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    Is your store having all TL’s close the store themselves?

    If you are the closing or opening lead, don't forget perimeter pay.... Not a whole lot of money but it is required. If they do not give it to you, you are "working off the clock". Opening leads drive around the building, pick up BOL, unlock the building take down the alarm before they ever punch...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    So many people who quit DO tell them exactly why they are leaving. They also tell them way before they actually leave. Unfortunately the conversations that lead up to quitting are usually discounted. So many people from "leadership", think these conversations are just people blowing off steam...
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    Unable to complete all my tasks and stressing out about it.

    For anyone who doesn't take their breaks- You do realize working through the two breaks you give spot 1/2 of your per hour wage everyday. Stop and think about that. You willingly gave up 1/2 an hour pay. Your breaks are your time to step away from the madness. Don't go into to the propaganda...
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    CNN is now reporting on stores!

    Oh come on! Theres a visit tomorrow? Call everyone in right away, overtime for everyone. Next week we'll cut to the bone to pay for it. Happens ALL THE TIME
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    If I was fired for insubordination at Target back in 2015 is there a chance of getting re-hired again for 2019?

    If you thought it was bad back in 2015, this probably isn't the place for you in 2019........
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    CNN is now reporting on stores!

    this is so accurate! You can have all the OT you want in the 4th quarter. Its not scheduled, you just screw any life you have. For the people who say there are hours if you're willing to work, I bought into that line of BS too. But call offs aren't replaced in a lot of stores anymore. People...
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    Black Friday

    Spot OWNS you starting on Wed before Thanksgiving. Everyone works with the minimum between shifts, even the butt kissers. Then kiss your weekends in December goodbye. In January you will be rewarded with zero hours. The life of retail
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    Random rant

    Until someone is injured, and it WILL happen they are going to expect everyone to use the power equipment including the baler. Some balers are simple to use others are a little trickier.My favorite is one that you could have running constantly with no gate. To make the bale you climbed on top to...
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    Visits from safety team

    If any gross negligence is found, the ETLs on duty at that time need to be put on a final for safety violations. They need to get serious NOW
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    Visits from safety team

    They need to send teams in tandem. 1 surprise visit in an area and every store within 50 miles uses the telephone tree to alert everyone. This is a great start to blow the whistle on the diminishing safety standards in most stores. I hope they are smart about it and really use the surprise...
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    Bullseye On My Back

    I too found a new job. Unfortunately many people that I care very much about still work at the very accurately described by the OP spot. Some of them honestly believe they have no choice but to stay. The few 55+ team members are treated like crap, talked down to daily and yet they stay. Why...
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    Looking for feedback

    This person leads mobile engineering etc and he is coming to an online non sanctioned spot site for feedback?There are all kinds of red flags here. Its hard to get to store and DC visits scheduled? Why wouldn't they just put a survey on workbench? Be careful here guys
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    How do I file a complaint?

    If a manager calls you names in front of guest or not, you go to HR. NO ONE should speak to you like that. You do not lay low. You go to HR, give them the facts no frills.Get it on the record. If it continues and you do decide to leave, you can use this in an umemployment claim. I have seen it...