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  1. Ranger

    How to discontinue my benefits?

    So, I started a full time job in the fall, and have been continuing to work at Target on the weekends, just because I need my benefits. Now, this month I should be finding out that I'm hired on by the company (I've been paid through a temp agency the first few months), and thus I will be getting...
  2. Ranger

    Christmas Product...

    We just got our first casepacks of Christmas product of the year off the truck today! Got about 5 or 6 cases of tree stands...LOL:laugh4:
  3. Ranger

    What exactly do they do when they walk the store at 7am?

    As a lowly TM, I've often tried to eavesdrop and listen in on what the ETLs/TLs/STL actually talk about when they all walk around the store reeeallly slow en masse, every day at about 7am. But I can barely hear what they have to say, as they are all practically whispering to each other. Can...