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    The "Hurricane Hannah" guest

    The other night we were asked to get ready-to-wear in perfect shape by closing because some higher-ups were going to be in the store the next was 10:30 and my co-worker and I were making good progress with zoning, and we had another co-worker doing re-shop, thank God...but a guest...
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    Quick ? re: Register

    Hi, I'm super new. Hired for softlines--my training started last night--and I was cross-trained on the register 2 nights ago. I think I did pretty up to 87% during my shift. Enjoyed it. Having said that, I am petrified I am going to get pulled from softlines on Black Friday (my...
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    New to Target, new to Forum

    Hi there. Starting at one of the many Targets in New Jersey tomorrow...showing up for training starting at 5:30 PM. I believe I'll be in softlines to start. Any words of wisdom from forum members would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!