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    Expert voice?

    Anyone use this? I had it through my other job and just discovered target is on it to. Just curious. I personally love it through my second job and have gotten some awesome things!
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    Workday talent cards

    i keep getting these alerts for talent cards it says to go to my reports but i cant find it. What the heck are these things and do they matter? Im on mobile if that matters
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    Food or no food whats your store doing?

    I love food dont judge me lol. Unfortunately we still have a cheap hateful snot of an stl so no food for set up team and none for the weekend either. So spoil me with your tales of feasts!
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    No phone calls taken?

    Soooo our stl had told us we arent taking phone calls starting today going till saturday. Like literally not answering any calls. The phone has been taken off forwarding to zebras and no night service. Is this a thing? I personally find it horrendous :/
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    Happy holidays to us :/

    Guess someone decided to do some after hours shopping. Broke pur front door took a bunch of electronics. Hooray for them -_- so how does it work as far as write offs and replenshing for black friday? Or is that a thing cause alot was ad stuff :/
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    Illness log

    Has this always been a thing?
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    Assets Protection Etl asked to give security code?

    So I havent heard of this but a store in my district had an incident this week. They were headed up to leave the store when a call came in. The etl picked it up and the person said they were security and needed the security code for the store. I have never heard of this was it a scam or something?
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    MyDevice Phone calls

    So we officially got rid of the portable and night service and our now forwarding to zebras. All tms are required to sign in. What I have noticed is a huge delay when calling the store now. It takes a few mins for auto lady to greet you and several minutes for the zebra to ring. Anyone else...
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    For those getting paid this friday

    Did your checks come out wrong? Several of us have missing pay and hours that arent adding up between kronos and workday. Kronos say I have 28hrs for this last week but workday only shows 20. Im pretty steamed alot of us are missing the vacay pay that was approved before the cut off time to :/...
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    Employees no longer allowed holds

    Got a lecture in huddle tonight from the stl saying employees are no longer allowed to put any items on hold. Said it came down from hq and it was supposed to put the guest cirst and blah blah blah. Anyone else hear this speech?
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    Who needs tms for guest service when you have. . .

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    No really we care about safety

    Just curious if safety has gone down the toilet at all stores now. This was on the floor as of 6pm along with a line of pallets down the entirety of toys and sportings goods and three cages(why are we even using cages smh). . .I mean what IS safety now does it exist anymore?
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    Laundry list closing announcements

    Is this from corporate? Seriously wtf by the time you finish saying it all you need to say it again
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    When all your CAs quit the same week

    . . .its ok we got this!
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    Computer glitch or asshat management

    Two of my shifts have been removed from the system this week and so have a few other team members. Hr told me thats weird said theybwould look into it. Got the no one did it speech. Then they have the nerve to call me and other tms who had shifts taken off on those days but at different times...
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    New app tracking individual sales?

    We were tokd a new app is rolling out that tracks what each persona sells. We were told we will all have goals and be coached accordingly. Anyone know further details on this? Did I maybe miss this in one of the modernization threads?
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    Reapplying for redcard

    Long story short my dad allowed his redcard to become inactive because of a snafu when we switched to chips. He had a visa with a cli of 12k. If he reapplies would he get denied sinfe he is paying still on the old card? If accepted would his limit be the same or would he have to rebuild up to...
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    Open ended questions aka how DO mall people do it

    Soooooo we got new directions (not new we were told about this last summer our etls were to lazy to implement them) that face workcenters are to appolroach guests with open ended questions. The question I challenge you to answer: what would you ask? The example we were given was Hi, welcome to...
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    New call out rules?

    Just curious if anyone has gotten any changes in calling out. We were told that now we are only allowed to call oit to the stl. If they are not in the building then we call out to our etl. We are no longer allowed to callout to anyone other than those two. Sooooo what exactly does that mean just...
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    Any word on mytime disappearing?

    I tried combing recent threads but didnt see anything on this. Is mytime officially on its way out? A couple people from different stores mentioned this and I was curious what would honestly be in its place :/