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    W2 showing but....

    Did the same thing last year like stated above after the 15th should be fine
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    Paperless W2

    Mine said that last year but it let me on the 15th. Im assuming is thwe same song and dance
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    Behold, the return of the Yellow Shelf Label!

    Wow. So we downgraded from walmart to gas station. Alrighty then. Reminds me of an old liquidation store we had here. How embarassing
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    No hours

    Second job here literally no other way. But my second job is better than spot anyhow. I do agree for those with kids this crunch time is brutal.
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    MEGATHREAD Hang Me (The Softlines Thread)

    Shoot we havent had a fro for over a year now. This will be the second year and our etls arent saying anything about getting one again :/
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    Modernization Phase 3??

    We already do all this at my store :/ thought it was already in modernization
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    Seasonal to long term?

    Dont assume just based on schedule postings. At my store we keep one seasonal a year. Never kept more in the decade i have been there. They post the schedule. Give you dummy shifts. And then will tell you if your canned. Assume you arent kept until actually told other wise and look for other...
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    MEGATHREAD Hang Me (The Softlines Thread)

    -_- see I have approached pur tl and gm about this multiple times because we are losing bank on this way. I kid you jot I have stoppes many tms from defecting out perfectly good reshop just because it doesnt have a tag. It has numbers inside ffs. And dont get me started on how many teo piece or...
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    MEGATHREAD Hang Me (The Softlines Thread)

    How do you all hanfle defectives and repackage in apparel now? Our store refuses tonirder the things for the tagging gun and our etl tells us to just defect everything out we cannot just tape back together? Like we cant repackage if its missing one or two things. We arent allowed to keep spare...
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    Original Use, only in some stores??

    My store has it and it doesnt sell for beans
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    Closing team

    Mmm well tm wise we normally have closing expert in GM that walks with the Team Lead and runa the team while team lead does nothing really. Beauty closer, elctronics closer, and one peraon in all of gm beaide the closing expert. Two to three in style depending on the night and self check out...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Our condescending, gaslighting, hateful bully of a GE etl for the closing expert. She refuses call out literally answers the phone says see you when you get here and hangs up then marks them as no call no shows when they dont come in. We lost a good portion of our already small gm team for that...
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Losing an ap and closing expert. Sadly they are both amazing and cometely sick of the crap.
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    Pre-thanksgiving breakroom food

    So no food for overnight team yesterday and today they gave us three bags of tortilla chips and two jars of cheese for opening. This management team is the worst in the decade I have worked here. Fuck this place. I ger we are not owed food. But seriously screw them. As they sit in the team lead...
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    Pre-thanksgiving breakroom food

    I still remember the year an old HR did make your own grilled cheese sandwhich for black thursdsy. So. Much. Rage. No food for our prep team today not holding my breath for tomorrow
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    Pre-thanksgiving breakroom food

    Nope not a thing here. No surprise since they didnt bother feeding us last year.
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    Other stores struggling with hours?

    Nope hours are normal here we have an abundance because qe keep losing people and theu are tired of hiring since all but three of our seasonal have walked already :/
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    At least at my store yes. They are hiring cloaing seasonals and forcing current tms into earlier shifts. Those of us qith only closing availability are being bullied into changing foe the holidays :/
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    In the news....

    Yeah ok
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    Who recently quit at your store?

    Whelp we lost our vml, two style, and our last beauty person in the last week an a half. This black friday prep is killing the last of our good people -_-