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    cash office issue

    OK, I need help from any of you who know cash office! The past couple of weeks I have twice gotten a message when entering my deposit into the CP4000 that my safe is overdrawn. Yesterday it was overdrawn by the amount of 50's I had, for example. When I went into Workbench and followed the...
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    Fake gift card texts

    Has anyone else had a bunch of guests come in claiming that they got a text from Target saying they had won a free $400 gift card? We have had several people come to try and claim them! Apparently they are directed to go to a website that looks just like the real and give a bunch of...
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    Hot, hot, hot!

    I know we have threads like this every summer, but is anyone else's store extremely, uncomfortably HOT?! Granted, it has been really hot outside lately, but our store temperature everywhere has been at least 80 degrees for weeks now. On Saturday I brought a thermometer to the checklanes and it...
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    No Baskets!!!

    So I walk in to open as GSA this morning only to discover that the 4 AM flow team had taken all but seven baskets to load up with freight from the truck. I had seven baskets when the doors opened at 8 am. "No problem", I thought, "I'll just ask over the walkie for them to bring up the empty...
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    Red Card incentive ideas?

    What are some of the ways your store has done incentives for cashiers to get Red Cards? Maybe some kind of fun contest or small prize to win? We need some fresh ideas at our store to get the cashiers interested!
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    Cash office training!

    I am going to start getting cross-trained for cash office in a few days. Any advice, tips, or tricks? I will have someone with me on the first three days, but after that I am on my own and a little nervous!
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    Difference in paygrade from guest svc tm to GSA?

    Does anyone know the difference in paygrade from a guest service TM to a GSA? When I asked my ETL GE he said he thought it was about 25 cents per hour more, but I have also heard it's more like 50 cents per hour. Just wondering if it's even worth the aggravation and stress to consider making a...
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    Problems with sort function at guest service?

    Did anyone else's service desk have issues with the smart sort function not working right today? Ours kept giving us an error message and wouldn't sort to the carts or print up any white labels. We couldn't process any defectives all day due to this. Just wondering if it was just our store?
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    Fill-in for GSA?

    So my store has attendance "opportunities" (meaning we're lucky if we get 75% of the people scheduled to actually show up!) and tonight happened to be a night when a GSA who was closing called out. Does anyone else's store grab people who work guest service and have them cover GSA shifts...
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    Glad to be back in the break room!

    Hi everyone! I was on the old breakroom site; sort of a lurker I guess. I have been at Target about 2 and a half years, first as a cashier, then guest service, and now I am mostly in softlines. Great to see you all are back!:thumbsup: