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    KrebsOnSecurity Breaks Story on Target Data Breach

    I just got a call from my ETL for a completely different subject, however, the store has been receiving calls all morning about the this issue. Apparently they missed the part in the local news about calling the 1-800 number. My ETL said that it's just been one thing after another... Not to...
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    Big Changes Coming to AP

    I'm somewhat confused now... Can someone elaborate a couple things? What do you mean by "AP Shirt"? Like, the Polo the DC wears? How many stores in the company are doing this, is it a company wide thing, or is it just a testing thing for now? My ETL-AP and I are pretty close. She's been with...
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    Calls for Back-up

    Usually called for as "Team, can I get a backup to X side." (Super Target) Depending on the GSTL/GSA or whether someone else is covering their break, we sometimes get Salesfloor people called out specifically. IE: "Jessica, Brian, Peter, Jon... Can one of you back up on X Side?" As for who...
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    GSA Question

    We have a Plano TL and a Cashier who are married. They met, dated, and married while they were both at Target. They have no direct connection while both on the clock, however I have seen the TL cover GSTL/GSA halves, therefore putting him in "control" of her. But, he seems to keep personal and...
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    Things Guests Say For A $300 Alex

    I'm a TPS, so I have a uniform on, badge with Bullseye, and AP patch... This girl about 18-21 comes up to me and says, and directly quoting in a HEAVY valley girl accent, "So, I, like, know you're, like, a security guard... So, you must, like, walk around the store a lot... So, like, do you...
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    I'm newer to Target (4-5 months) as a TPS. It's been an interesting (good way) experience so far, and I hope it continues to get better. I have a heavy interest in Criminal Justice and am currently attending the local technical college in order to obtain a degree and certification for Law...