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  1. ManMythMachine

    Advice on what else to apply to

    My wife works at a call center. She worked at the center for a while but now she transitioned and works from home. I work at a Spot DC 3 days a week and she works from home so it's a win win for together time. Almost like we're both semi-retired!
  2. ManMythMachine


    Used to be they would ask overtime people if they wanted to VLE first and then there was a rotating list so that people who never VLE were at the top. Now it goes by who signed up first so I guess Spot is really smart for allowing people who don't want to be here go home first or really dumb by...
  3. ManMythMachine

    Playing Music In Target?

    Imperial Death March?
  4. ManMythMachine

    Small Format Stores

    Brian Cornell et al. will be very pleased to see you have posted this.
  5. ManMythMachine

    Small Format Stores

    We have made a nice leap to better efficiency by doing away with HV and then follow it up by having Small Format labels. Same thing. Different name. Corporate needs to allow these labels to be mixed with basic during printing. Apparently small format stores require more urgency so some poor...
  6. ManMythMachine

    Sweeping loose cardboard

    I joke. I kid. Are the plastic hanger box pallets supposed to be banded? I thought it consisted of pallet down, two gaylords & pallet up; in a stack of 7. But the other day a leaning tower tipped over on me and most weren't banded together. Death by a thousand shortcuts.
  7. ManMythMachine

    Sweeping loose cardboard

    I saw an inbound team member throwing loose cardboard onto the conveyor belt at the breakpack packing line. Maybe this was loose sweeps cardboard? He did it slightly differently than what I would have done. He dumped the loose cardboard on the floor in front of the conveyor with a clamp...
  8. ManMythMachine

    Target Sins/Confessions

    If you like talking about yourself and what narcissist doesn't? Then the hotline is the way to go! I too curse and talk to myself and I'm sure someone in other aisles hears me. But my sanity is maintained through this insanity so better to lean off the rails a bit than totally derail in a heap...
  9. ManMythMachine

    Changes coming to RDC trailer loading?

    Sometimes someone's job is to make up nice things and tell you nice things but whether those nice things ever see the light of day is a different story. A good example is the location labels on the racks would be replaced because alot of them are ripped, torn, missing, or flat out wrong...
  10. ManMythMachine

    Help? Lol Just a few inquiries

    We have to ask TSS for permission to go out of the building to get something from our vehicle and we can't leave for breaks because we are still on the clock.
  11. ManMythMachine

    Vmtl/Vm's: Do You Dress Nicer?

    Dress shirts have collars. I can wear a tie with a dress shirt. Polo shirts have collars. I can wear a tie with a polo shirt.
  12. ManMythMachine

    Heat in store making people ill

    They allowed the AC to be installed at our DC not because of the heat but because of the need for humidity mitigation. Because the humidity in the south gets so bad the concrete floors sweat and once the floors sweat we basically can't move around in equipment without sliding into walls and...
  13. ManMythMachine

    To that one guest

    Maybe they could issue her a laser pointer or store maps to hand out to guests looking for something since she is glued to her post? Like a help desk at Disney! Excuse me, but where is 'It's a Small World?' "That would be in your pants, Sir." UNCALLED FOR!
  14. ManMythMachine

    About that pay raise to $12...?

    I worked in a warehouse in the 90s and made about $9/hr and the saddest thing is I still see warehouse jobs paying $9/hr even though the cost of everything else ESPECIALLY FUEL has gone through the roof. McDonalds started their combos at about $3.50 for Quarter Pounder with fries and drink...
  15. ManMythMachine

    To that one guest

    Hey that frap is priceless in terms of my pleasure.
  16. ManMythMachine

    90 day probationary period

    I figure they will hit you with function and form first before piling on heaps of policy info that will dillute your function and form training. Plus, they probably figure if they talk policy and show you the job afterwards and it's not a good fit for you, then all that policy talk was a waste...
  17. ManMythMachine

    Heat in store making people ill

    Same at Dustribution Centers. Corporate sets the level to 85 even though corporate is in a frozen tundra compared to the death valley temperate hell we are in. Thanks all-knowing corporate! *melts*
  18. ManMythMachine

    To that one guest

    Oh okay. I see how it is now. And I guess the Starbucks baristas can't come out from hiding and caffeine crafting mixology to personally show me where the spring mix salad is even though I could have plucked the very same thing from the dandelion stems in my backyard before I left my abode to...
  19. ManMythMachine

    Guest Services Do You Get Told About Guest Surveys?

    You might get a ton of people who think you do a great job but they never say a word vs the one idiot who has nothing but time to complain about you just because they have nothing else to live for. This explains the internet with twitter in particular and neverending grandma's basement jokes and...
  20. ManMythMachine


    I found out the pay system defaults to paperless. Kind of like the insurance system defaults to everyone being a tobacco user. Funny Spot. Funny. So you have to go into the insurance system and change it to not being a tobacco user if you're not and go into the pay system and click the request...