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  1. mizl

    1-for-1 Scannable Sheet. It's a Group effort.

    Isn't it PHAR not OTC, and ACCS not ACC?
  2. mizl

    Team Lead Promotion

    I used to be a GSA with a bad GSTL. I was doing a lot more than my job description, but it was still nothing like being a team lead.
  3. mizl

    How to even approach fixing the fixture room

    Our fixture room isn't nearly as bad as some of the pics I've seen but it could still be a lot better. TLs have done overnights in the past to fix it and I think their focus is more like... putting like things together and finding shelf space for stuff. Is there a way to actually audit fixtures...
  4. mizl

    Getting salvage on a truck

    I got a medium sized box of assorted Physician's Formula salvage once. No upcoming pogs, just a totally random assortment of salvage stuff. It was fun.
  5. mizl

    Written up

    I'm talking about cash AND coins. That's what I'm evaluating when I peek at someone's drawer. Some of my cashiers like to say they have plenty of change when they've got, like, ten pennies left. I used to do the cash office when I was a GSA, and I still do it about once a week; I know what start...
  6. mizl

    Written up

    Yeah, don't ever let it become an emergency. Don't just think a few transactions ahead, think like an hour or two ahead. Sometimes when I'm grabbing a change request I'll ask cashiers on the way by if they need change, and they'll pop their drawers and look and go "hmm, no, I'm good." But then I...
  7. mizl

    Customer Service For People With Disabilities

    A few other things that come to mind: The language you use to refer to disability is really important - I think this website is what they use for part of the TL training for ADA compliance, if I'm remembering correctly. Like saying "wheelchair user" instead of "wheelchair-bound", "person with...
  8. mizl

    Written up

    Be proactive about asking for change. Put in the change request and then grab your SETLs if you see them, or grab someone with a walkie to call them and let them know. (Honestly, if your SETLs are completely MIA, just start smashing the ADD'L ASST button.)
  9. mizl

    Managed By A Person With A Disability?

    Doesn't the earbud look like this but with two pins? I seem to remember a version as well with two wires, which was just... too much wire, I kept getting caught on everything. Motorola 53863 Earpiece with Microphone: Electronics -
  10. mizl

    Managed By A Person With A Disability?

    If it's the new earpiece that sits outside the ear, I'd think so. Depends on the hearing aid. The earpiece hooks around your ear so it might be a little fiddly if it's sharing space. My co-SETL ordered the earpieces and they sent some of the old style and some of the new style, so I'm not sure...
  11. mizl

    Brag thread. You're awesome and you know it

    Bumping this after the Pollyanna post... I moved to Beauty for most of the year and whipped that thing into serious shape while daily feeling like I could be doing more... and then someone showed me a picture from Fall National of a display showing the top 10 Beauty comps in the nation - my...
  12. mizl


    1. No, but we're getting better. We're doing a lot more callouts over the walkies to recognize people. Recognized my TM doing Drive Ups the other day for getting our average time that day down from red in the morning (2:30 or something) down to green (1:50). We're a low volume store so it's not...
  13. mizl

    Name Badge Suppliers

    Isn't it debossed? Or are only parts of it? I remember looking at my name badge the other day and noticing that the ink was starting to wear out from the line under my name, which seemed weird because I think the line is debossed.
  14. mizl

    So a guest asked me today...

    I'm already in the habit of answering questions because often I'll be standing nearby when a guest asks a cashier a question they don't know the answer to and the cashier will give me a panicked look, but I couldn't say if I've stepped on anyone's toes like this, and if I don't know then I...
  15. mizl

    Managed By A Person With A Disability?

    I don't have hearing loss, but I do have auditory processing difficulties that manifests very similarly to hearing loss - one of the biggest issues is that if I don't know someone is speaking to me, I don't hear them. Or, my ears hear them, but my brain doesn't, if that makes sense. I have a lot...
  16. mizl

    Logistics Spot considering scanning trucks again

    God, can you imagine how easy it would be... I'm gonna cry just thinking about it. You could even get an idea of shortage by having RFID scanners tracking what leaves the store and comparing it to what was purchased that day.
  17. mizl

    Tips on not sounding like an idiot over walkie?

    They're probably looking for a check-in/status report sort of thing. isthatathing has it right. Here's what we're doing, here's how things are looking, any big hiccups they should know about (a bad guest experience, or something coming up you think you'll need help with, like coverage). It's...
  18. mizl

    TM's old name showing up on myDevice?

    I checked preferred name, I checked everything. I called CSC and supposedly it is fixed. The TM is on in a few days and I'll be following up then. Fingers crossed.
  19. mizl

    TM's old name showing up on myDevice?

    They said it's only wrong when they check their schedule in self-service, but not in Kronos. It's just the myDevices and the non-Kronos schedule.
  20. mizl

    TM's old name showing up on myDevice?

    It's an inclusivity issue so I morally can't let it go but I mySupported it and called CSC so hopefully someone figures it out. It's on the myDevice and in My Time Self-Service apparently.