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    90 days

    they don’t wait till your 90 but they are not just going to outright fire you. They’ll likely get a CA before being fired. Also it is hard to Fire / CA domino who doesn’t show up to work constantly.
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    Link to the post in reference.
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    Seeing posts on Reddit about $2 raise coming to progressional tm at DCs. Anyone tracking it have more information about?
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    Memes? I’ll start.

    Shoutout Jeff
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    Infolink questions…

    Always locking out equipment, having to call OMs all the way across the building to unlock because we’re short staffed. Hit a bump and the equipment is locked for a collision 😂. Idk if it is the same but we definitely already have something similar. Can even send a TM a message if you need...
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    Break times

    At my old UDC we had 5 minutes, still is there. At my at my RDC 3 minutes.
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    Production numbers vs quality

    It sounds like you’re on the right track, especially with a Reach Truck where you can really make a difference. If you’re new to the functions and not very proficient in production, I wouldn’t expect you to be a Cart Attendant right away. In my experience, when we had slower team members, we...
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    Step progression pay scale

    I know you using to be able to look at what step you are on via Workday. I think it was under compensation.
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    ICQA getting slashed

    I’m in the south and all this sounds very similar
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    Conspiracy Theory

    1. I don’t think Target is trying to compete with Walmart. 2. I don’t think Target would offer a service (ex. Paying to skip / different way of checking out) 3. I think with the amount of FCs that we have and the new ones opening up (we already are doing .com orders out of every store I think...
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    Schedule exception

    Form my understanding it is generally school or child care related. Might have to BS it a little if that’s what you want.
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    A1 vs B1

    I love A2 because I can relax but hate it because I don’t have any good OM support on my shift.
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    4 days off and you ain’t catching up on any sleep. Even if you waste one days to sleep you’ll still have 3 days off. That’s a personal problem.
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    I’ve always been confused on the topic because be if I was at the store and I did 8 hours I would get 2 15s and a 30 but on the DC 12 hours shift I get a 30 and a 25. It definitely has something to do with us still getting paid for our breaks but idk who dictates the amount of time and when.
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    What makes you feel appreciated?

    Tbh it’s different for everyone. So people really do value words affirmation, other on my team enjoy acts of kindness and or gift so I’ll bing candy to handout or when cooking for the week I’ll make extra to bring to work and offer to coworker. We also have done potlucks for the week. Outside of...
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    What makes you feel appreciated?

    Also some DCs have older people. In my experience they have usually been at Target for a while and also are great consist worker so having some type of performance base pay or bonus doesn’t really help them at all. I’ve thought about this a lot of times and the hard part is having something that...
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    Educational Leave?

    You could take a personal LOA I don’t think much info is required for an LOA. I took a LOA for 1 week to avoid using vacation time when I moved.
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    I like A2 being a natural night owl it works with my sleep schedule. Work 3 days and 4 days off to do whatever I please
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    Been a long process, I start in a few weeks. Moving states but curious to how it will go. I know the insides and out of the position at my building a UDC so we’ll see how it goes at an RDC