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  1. Planosss

    A Lead sent a spy to find ME!

    I didn’t want to chime in, but some people rather not take a huge dump when others are present… especially when only covered by 35% walls. It’s not always about you . #freedomdump
  2. Planosss

    You know what time it is at Target when..

    you know what time it is when a dog enters the store and immediately squats, on carpet.
  3. Planosss

    Perimeter checks

    What about closers when they close? Do they suppose to get 15
  4. Planosss

    Change in store hours

    This essentially is company wide
  5. Planosss

    Paid LOA

    Fml, a.
  6. Planosss

    TL Schedules

    It’s inappropriate to A. Post other people’s business online B. Meddle in other people’s business C. Display the level of animosity you are displaying.
  7. Planosss

    Becoming an ETL

    I am glad you’ve found something better, I was just relaying the info..
  8. Planosss

    Becoming an ETL

    Hear ETLs got massive bonuses and 5% raises across the board this year..
  9. Planosss

    Becoming an ETL

    You didn’t have proper training, is that why you quit?
  10. Planosss


    This is against HIPPA..
  11. Planosss

    How long does a TL have to stay in their department before reassignment.

    Abundance of information helps spread gossip more authoritatively and effectively.
  12. Planosss

    How is style broken up per TL? Which areas

    Our style department has broken like 5 TLs and 2 ETLs..
  13. Planosss

    Barely trained

    Those are probably the same companies that can’t retain employees 🤷🏻‍♂️. Make people feel like you are investing in them. Training shows structure and cohesiveness... Current Target model is chaos and fake it till you make it..
  14. Planosss

    Barely trained

    Believe me, training at leadership is also lackluster. have poorly trained leaders, training TMs poorly..
  15. Planosss

    Couldn't be happier

    Thanks, I really needed the extra hours 🥰
  16. Planosss

    Couldn't be happier

    it does leave more hours for those who are proudly serving..
  17. Planosss

    I miss Target so much!!

    So…. The TMs most definitely have a second job on the streets then, right?
  18. Planosss

    Question about policy on promoting to PML

    As a PML you have to hold the leadership accountable. That means challenging TLs/ETLs and SD on best practices. You have hold their feet to the fire If you are promoted/become PML at a store you are working in, it could cause conflict of interest and you not being able to do your job.. Edit...
  19. Planosss

    Pay as a TL in certain markets

    If the difference is 1-2$ I would let it go. PM is a great gig regardless of minute pay difference..