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    Flexing merchandise

    Scan the item, tie it to the aisle and section, update capacity and sales floor quantity using EXF, create a shelf label.
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    Starbucks Team Leaders

    Almost pointless when the ETL is telling everyone and his brother to push everything and "don't worry about it". (I have to stop there or I won't stop at all.)
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    COVID-19 Unable to get COVID19 LOA?

    Our store has an ETL covering when the the SD is on leave or vacation.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    I really "like" the news reports that Target is closing on Easter Sunday to give team members a much needed break. Target is closed on the two major Christian holidays every year. This is not news, but it is great PR. My guess is that SFS will be given the option to work that day.
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    COVID-19 Is Target doing enough to protect employees from getting coronavirus ?
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Ours have out of order signs on them.
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    COVID-19 Paid leave for 30 days

    Eliminated doesn't necessarily mean that they get rid of the job. They may need to fill the position to meet the needs of the business and put you into different place where someone is needed when you return.
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    Is Target real about 30 days Paid sick leave for people with pre-existing conditions

    There is a sign at our time clock that says wait times to get through to a representative are an average of 3 hours. That's an average, so be prepared for a loooong wait time right now.
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    COVID-19 Paid leave for 30 days

    Short term disability payment will replace 75 percent of your average weekly pay for 60 days. All maternity claims will be paid at 100 percent for 6-8 weeks immediately following delivery. For the remainder of the time up to 150 days, the STD payment will replace 60 percent of your average...
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    COVID-19 Could they close us?

    My store was busy throughout my entire shift yesterday. Not everyone is taking this seriously or I wouldn't be hearing "just browsing" or watching someone check out 3 shirts and a monster drink. . . life's true necessity for someone, I guess.
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    ADA + COVID-19 questions? Check here. What You Should Know About the ADA, the Rehabilitation Act and the Coronavirus -
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    COVID-19 Other than TP and sanitizer, what is your store out of?

    Thermometers, rubbing alcohol, aloe vera, hydrogen peroxide, bandaids (?!?!), vitamins, all cough/cold/flu meds, cough drops, acetominaphen, plus what others have mentioned
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    Guest Services Cleaning

    Your store should have received payroll to schedule dedicated cleaning shifts. Guest advocates still do their jobs in the same way. At our store, the cleaners will ask a GA to turn off their light when a line slows and the GA moves to a "flex" lane. We have a 3 tier that has supplies and a...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    I'm in OTC... comping over 200%. I can't even imagine the implications of this.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    It will be very interesting to see how everything plays out a year from now when nobody gets close to their comp numbers.
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    Is it possible to win an age discrimanation suit ?

    As one of the older tm's at our store, I also have been with Target longer than some of our tm's have been alive. We are well aware that hours get cut during certain times of the year. We know that is not discrimination. Over the years, including before I was considered to be in the older...
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    Is it possible to win an age discrimanation suit ?

    As a fringe boomer, I take it to mean "You old, lady". I am happy to say that it is true. I am old. I am experienced. I am polite. I am educated and smart (they aren't the same thing). I can hold a conversation. I can write an intelligent, grammatically correct sentence. I am resilient...
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    Cleaning workcenter

    Did a cleaning shift. It is very labor intensive hard work if you're doing it right. We have a dedicated 3 tier with supplies and a sign on it that we park in the aisle of the register that is being cleaned. Cleaners answer no back up calls whatsoever. Guests are overwhelmingly supportive...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    The term "pandemic" has absolutely NOTHING to do with mortality rates and EVERYTHING to do with how widespread the disease is. The progression is outbreak, epidemic, pandemic. You can call me an educated snowflake.
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    COVID-19 Any other stores being cleaned out of cleaning products?

    Masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer are gone... and gone again as soon as replenished. We've had a lot of flu in the area, though.