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  1. mizl

    I'm Lost! How to even approach fixing the fixture room

    Our fixture room isn't nearly as bad as some of the pics I've seen but it could still be a lot better. TLs have done overnights in the past to fix it and I think their focus is more like... putting like things together and finding shelf space for stuff. Is there a way to actually audit fixtures...
  2. mizl

    I'm Lost! TM's old name showing up on myDevice?

    I have a team member who legally changed their name years ago but whose old name is still showing up on their myDevice (you know, in the menu in myWork like "hi _______"). They said they've been trying to get that fixed for years with no leads. The old name doesn't seem to show up anywhere else...
  3. mizl

    I'm Lost! Used Epson ribbon cassettes?

    Anyone know how to dispose of these? From the receipt printers, for the backs of checks. We have so many and I want to clear out some space by disposing of the used ones. We have......just too many. Is there a place I can send unused ones too??
  4. mizl

    I'm Lost! Extra GS Sodastream boxes?

    Long story short - too many Sodastream canisters and not enough boxes. If I call the shipping manager on the label will they send more boxes?
  5. mizl

    Cash office application access

    Can anyone tell me WHICH access I need to request for cash office people? I finally figured out where (thanks for not having this info anywhere workbench) and submitted for two people, but I'm not sure if I picked the right thing. I just looked at my own access and I don't see anything cash...
  6. mizl

    Using your TM discount with NFC payment?

    I can't for the life of me figure out where in Target to send a question like this - when I use my BCU card, I can use my TM discount, but when I'm using NFC (tap to pay) the process is such that Target can't recognize that I'm using that card so I can't use my TM discount. The obvious solution...
  7. mizl

    Specialty How to stop goblin guests from opening and using makeup??

    Holy cannoli is this a problem in Beauty, I know it's not just a Target problem (hi, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, and everywhere that sells makeup) but boy am I tired of defecting things because the plastic seal is broken, or there's foundation smeared on the pump, or there's lip marks ON A LIPSTICK YOU...
  8. mizl

    I'm Lost! Beauty labels

    This can't be what labels are supposed to look like in Beauty. Right? It's so ugly. Is this right?? Is there something better I can replace it with?
  9. mizl

    I'm Lost! Printing OPU order labels

    I'm training in OPU soon - I remember a time when instead of those giant handwritten tags we used the long white labels. Can we still use those?? My handwriting is atrocious and our store makes guest service log every picked up order, which was waaay faster when we had the stickers.
  10. mizl

    Adult TMs acting like children

    Does anyone else get this in their store? I've got a cranky TM who treats an ETL and their lackey like kids, so they act like kids, and then they bicker, and then it turns into an awkward at best and hostile at worst environment. Y'all have got like two decades on me, pleaaaase act like it.
  11. mizl

    I'm Lost! Doing announcements over music speakers?

    Is there any way to pause the music and do an announcement? Or like use the music system to do that? Our overhead hasn't worked for monthsssss and still doesn't. I would just love to make closing announcements and get people out of here for once.
  12. mizl

    I'm Lost! Smart Sort setup

    My store is going through a remodel and now all of the cart #s don't match up to where things go. Is there a way to update it? I've combed and combed workbench and can find references to it but not how to actually do it.
  13. mizl

    MyDevice tracking?

    Is there an existing way to use the inbuilt GPS to track the MyDevices? My store is shit at keeping track of equipment (which hopefully will change in the near future) and it'd be nice to be able to track down equipment people haven't turned in.
  14. mizl

    Cash office - how do YOU do it?

    I've trained with two wildly different people to do cash office and I'm trying to figure out which of their procedures is better or more efficient (or if a third, different way is best). What order do you count the bags in? Do you make start funds as you go? Trainer #1 keeps running tabs of how...
  15. mizl

    Getting a remodel??

    Weird question. My store has been rumored for the past year to be getting a remodel. We had a vague start date, but now it's gotten pushed off. There have been a lot of rumors flying around and no one seems to have any real details. The only actual proof I've seen were some engineers who came to...
  16. mizl

    Promotion tag mistake?

    Has anyone else run into this? There IS a promotion for diapers and stuff but this item isn't part of it. Doesn't show up anywhere as part of the promotion except on this tag, and it super doesn't sound like Target to do an equal worth of gift cards. I threw it out, but before I did, I showed my...