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    ETL without a degree?

    In my district the rule is now if you will graduate within a year you can become an ETL, I have seen 4 TL's this year promote with a degree. Things seem to be looking up!
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    Tips for coaching FLOW team members on sense of urgency.

    FIFO in dry grocery on flow!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA
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    Tips for coaching FLOW team members on sense of urgency.

    Hey fenix do you do a minute a box or do you visually check the aisle and you and the tm agree on a goal time? (The only thing i hate about goal times is breaks/huddle/issue comes up/my lunch/etc.) (we just moved out unload up 30 minutes so it goes by so quickly.) But I think this is the only way.
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    Tips for coaching FLOW team members on sense of urgency.

    I can take a look but my HR says we cant judge sense of urgency, I honestly have no time to sit and observe when I have to do stock audits and all the other stuff. Dont get me wrong I send in a lot of coachings but some team members have no sense of urgency and I have no idea on how to get to a...
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    Tips for coaching FLOW team members on sense of urgency.

    Hello, So at my store, as well as other stores, I have my slow stockers on flow. What are way to coach them on sense of urgency besides for the normal not reading PIC labels, etc.? Of course my biggest coachings are attendance/talking but how do I get around the sense of urgency coachings...
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    New TL Logistics (Flow)

    Im really not trying to make you nervous but your ETL team must think you can handle it, don't be nervous. My process is bad and its mostly because no one wants to change so I usually have 6-10 coachings a day. Just try to make a good routine of whats on your plate. Like cihys said remember your...
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    New TL Logistics (Flow)

    I've been a Flow TL for a little over 8 months now, extremely tough position. Coaching is harder because you cant just say "you don't have a sense of urgency" you have to have reasoning behind it, for example to many foot steps. Or like xPLUGZ said give goals times, those are easy coachings too...
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    Very Important!!!! Locking Store

    why would it be better? what if cash was out or something and then it would be automatic CCA, I figure his STL/AP would understand, I know mine would.
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    Typical Team Leader Routine?

    this had me cracking up!!!!!!!!!!
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    GTC's - What's your average?

    I write roughly 80-90 a month.
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    Flow TL a promotion?

    It is considered a promotion, I pretty sure you dont have to interview ether. It hard but can be very rewarding. (message me if you have questions I just got this promotion.)
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    Got promoted..

    Mine was around 1.50.
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    GSA Best Practices/CO Routines

    I'm a current GSTL (A Volume) and our store has 2 GSTL's and 3 GSA's (Currently hiring for one more GSA) and it's working good, the GSTL's usually have one day a week and the GSA's have most of the c/o shifts.
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    Dismissal Question

    I took it as a Pharmacist?
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    Not on File Merchandise?!?!

    Im the GSTL at my store and I have my GS Team take care of it because price change usually has a big workload.
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    2 weeks out

    Yeah at my store pog does all the salesplanners/transitions/revisions/etc.
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    AE 2012 - Team Leaders

    Unless they make GSA's write reviews/coach/etc. then that wouldn't work.
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    I'm Lost! Cash Advances

    Weird I thought every store had 20's in 015, we do. interesting.
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    See ya round and thanks for all the FFF

    That is awesome HRK, Thanks for all your help on the forums, you definitely deserve this job!
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    No more calling no-shows at my store

    we have done this for about 2 years, i love it lol