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  1. commiecorvus

    External Hire, GM TL

    Just cut it out. There is way too much shit going on in this world to have to put up with squabbling. Stop it, stop it now.
  2. commiecorvus

    Worth trying to promote to ETL?

    I remember the ETL LOG being at work before I got there at 5:30 and still being there long after I left. Nicest guy out of the lot and the hardest working. 6 days a week. Not an easy job.
  3. commiecorvus

    Avoiding Los Angeles area Targets

    Hundreds of black men, women and children murdered Entire town burned to the ground...
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    life since spot

  5. commiecorvus

    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Sadly, I think it's probably true.
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Somebody who meets those requirements is most likely to be a TL or ETL (or whatever they are calling them these days), not your average worker. We have some of those people here but not that many. Do you want the focus to be on management and middle management because that's what you've done by...
  7. commiecorvus

    I think it's time...

    You can certainly file for ADA protections, if nothing else that will keep them from messing with you for as long as it takes to find a new job. It won't stop them from performancing you out as I discovered, if they are really determined but they will have to be really careful and it will take a...
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Be careful where you are getting your getting your information about Covid-19. There are people putting a lot of bullshit onto social media for a whole bunch of different reasons...
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    The Breakroom Memes

    I think the free space should be "Enjoy a Decaf Latte Courtesy of @redeye58"
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    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Nothing works better to handle Karens then to smile and dance.
  11. commiecorvus

    Accidentally sold something before street date (possibly?)

    I don't know what the hell is going on here but don't have the time or the energy to play games.
  12. commiecorvus

    Accidentally sold something before street date (possibly?)

    Yeah, I don't think so. You aren't even in the same state.
  13. commiecorvus

    Accidentally sold something before street date (possibly?)

    This is getting stupid and annoying. Don't, just don't. There are some new faces here who might not know how to act in this place but I'm only going to say this once. Act like grownups now!
  14. commiecorvus

    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    On the positive side a local company has developed a mask for folks who are hard of hearing or deaf. Yeah for Alaska...
  15. commiecorvus

    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Everybody here knows I work with people who have disabilities so I have a major dog in this fight. I know way too many people who are at risk. I also know two people who got sick from this damn disease and one who died from it. This hits me deep. So when people balk at something as minor as...
  16. commiecorvus

    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    Nobody I know who support the lock down are "getting off" on it. Most of them are people who are educated on the topic of infectious disease and understand that handling it this way is the best way to keep the death toll to a minimum. Looking at history is also a good way to understand this.
  17. commiecorvus

    Starbucks opening but no drinks allowed on the sales floor?

    This is a great idea. It may get ugly but this only makes sense. Why the hell would you be wearing a mask on the floor if you are drinking coffee at the same time. Just buy it on the way out and drink it in your car, for fucks sake. You don't get the wander around the store for two hours like...
  18. commiecorvus

    COVID-19 Coronavirus...

    I've worn my mask in the car when I've had to get a ride from friends for picking up my meds etc. So do they.If you are going to be sitting that close together and don't live together, it's the smart thing to do.
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    New and learning

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    Store numbers not matching online.

    Also for things that have displays, household devices, vacuums, etc., often the display is counted as on of the on hands which is really annoying.