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  1. jackandcat


    @horses: In most states, if you are enrolled as a full-time college student, you are ineligible for unemployment pay. You would likely be disqualified based on that. Since Target knows about your school status, they will bring it up as part of their response to your UI claim. I'll be more...
  2. jackandcat

    COVID-19 COVID-19 aftermath: will Black Friday and Thanksgiving "doorbuster" crowd sales be changed?

    Still wondering: What will Black Friday look like in stores this year?
  3. jackandcat

    Is it even worth it....

    Sadly, far too common. Employers will go through the motions of offering interviews to applicants who might not fit the profile of an ideal hire, but who tick certain boxes (disability status, race, age) so the employer can demonstrate EEOC compliance. So they are obeying the letter of the law...
  4. jackandcat


    "Can't We All Just Get Along?" - Rodney King
  5. jackandcat

    Are they allowed to schedule me outside of my availability?

    Correct. When you print, be sure to change the page orientation from "Portrait" to "Landscape". Landscape format makes the weekly schedule printout much, much easier to read particularly if you place it on your refrigerator door.
  6. jackandcat


    I also agree with Tessa's points. If you allow staff to wear provocative political BLM attire, others will demand the right to wear provocative attire such as Xi Jinping -- Winnie the Pooh (Target would be scared of Chinese retaliation, source of 70% of Target's products) The NSA: The Only Part...
  7. jackandcat

    Guest Services Guests and the Target Circle PIN-pad prompt location

    This is exactly the problem. The overwhelming majority of other stores where you input a number for "rewards" allow their customers to begin typing first. Since we're really focused on boosting loyalty percentages, I'm ending up telling guests, over and over and over, to hit the white bar...
  8. jackandcat

    Guest Services Guests and the Target Circle PIN-pad prompt location

    For those of you who are Cashiers aka Advocates, how many times per day have your guests started typing their Target Circle number in the wrong spot on the PIN pad? Is Corporate capable of improving the interface so that the red-screen Target Circle box is more obvious as the starting point for...
  9. jackandcat

    No available 401k loans

    As I mentioned in another 401k thread, be extremely wary about borrowing from a 401k. If your employment with Target ends for whatever reason, the entire loan balance has to repaid in full with interest within 60 days or face a very, very nasty tax penalty. (This is caused by IRS regulations...
  10. jackandcat

    Corporate $15

    The newest hires in our store will likely be howling the most about the disappearance of the COVID-19 $2 "temporary pay differential", even though some will get a small bump up to $15 (stores in our HCOL area start at $14/hr).
  11. jackandcat

    Is this Real Life? (A Market vent thread)

    TM discount works with EBT as long as non-EBT-eligible items are paid for with eligible payment types - i.e. cash, cheque, Target credit union card or Redcard. However, is the "relative" a Target TM or spouse/dependent non-adult child of a Target TM eligible for a TM discount?
  12. jackandcat

    What percentage raise did you receive this year?

    Overall, it sounds like this years "merit raises" were really modest "cost of living" raises.
  13. jackandcat

    Does Target have the same rivalry Walmart does with Online Fulfillment vs. The Rest of the Store?

    Really good question. I've often wondered if part of why our store's front end equipment (i.e. malfunctioning registers, PIN pad readers, self-checkout machines) gets neglected. Also, sometimes guests become annoyed when the Target-dot-com price is lower than the in-store price. I explain...
  14. jackandcat

    COVID-19 COVID-19 stress

    Recent news accounts warn about a resurgence of COVID-19 around the country. Last night, I was a bit surprised that some of the "Social Distancing" signage taped in front of individual checkout lanes had been removed. While I've learned to be very skeptical about anything I read on news media...
  15. jackandcat

    Coming Back to Target potentially after ~3 years away...

    If you want to change companies, you should seriously look at COSTCO.
  16. jackandcat

    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    That is my observation as well. Target wins either way: the company gets more information about the buyer's personal buying habits. Americans have become comfortable with loyalty programs, unlike consumers in other areas of the world (such as Germany) where many people resist these programs due...
  17. jackandcat

    $15 minimum wage and $200 bonus recognition for work during pandemic

    For the rank-and-file TM, those standard operating procedures are not readily accessible. You need TL or ETL access rights. You are expected to simply perform your job as you are directed by the TL or ETL on duty that day, and hope like hell that the TL or ETL on duty on another day doesn't get...
  18. jackandcat

    Is this red color uniform compliant and acceptable?

    Unless you're in a rare store which actually enforces what was once called a "uniform", I'm not sure why you even asked. In our store as in many, I've seen many upper garments with only a tiny hint of red colour.
  19. jackandcat

    COVID-19 COVID-19 aftermath: will Black Friday and Thanksgiving "doorbuster" crowd sales be changed?

    We've seen a few places in the US and overseas where COVID-19 cases have been bouncing back upward. We've also seen some situations where people aren't observing social distancing and wearing of facial covering. Soooo....... What is Black Friday going to look like in 2020?
  20. jackandcat

    Juneteenth Paid Holiday

    Question for those veteran hourly TMs who are "grandfathered in" for benefits from the "good ol days". Back in the day, were hourly TMs offered more paid vacation than today? The current vacation amounts which you accrue each paycheck: after you become eligible (1,000 hours), through your...