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    Hello All!

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    Hello TBR!

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    To that one Team Member - II

    TTOTM: I was on my way in the door on bulk side and hear a noise. Cardboard sliding out of bailer onto the floor. All electronics. Obviously you don't know how to load the bailer or someone before you fucked it up and you put it in anyway. I had to use the crowbar to try and lift the cardboard...
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    Style breakout help?

    We are taking 7 trucks each week, double on Monday. 4am unload 1 person works 4 to 8. Next person comes in from 8a to 1pm. If 2nd person can't finish a style tm will go back to help. Unload has nothing to do with quarantine anything in my store. Breakout does baby hardlines. Cosmetics is done by...
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    Hey folks

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    Hi everyone!

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    Would you rather...

    You can teach skill, you can't teach will.
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    What can you tell me about the new brand in soft lines?

    Ours was set Saturday. I did not notice anyone showing any interest. I'll check tomorrow and see if anything sold. I will be shocked if this sells well.
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    Quick Question

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    What can you tell me about the new brand in soft lines?

    My tl and Etl are setting this tomorrow. Can't wait to hear guest response .
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    15 min breaks

    Nope not at my store. Technically you are on target paid time. People have tried but been spoken to. Asants for sure
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    Quick Question

    I came back Monday from loa. Did start meal to punch in ( which is a no no) but when the hr tm came in later in the morning she fixed it and put in my schedule for the rest of the week. I had gone into store to set my schedule sit it was easy. If your store knows what your schedule is they can...
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    Can you be employed at 2 Targets at once ? (College for example)

    Yes she can. We have a few that work at Target by their school, then on summer and Christmas break come back to their local store. Talk to your hr.
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    What can you tell me about the new brand in soft lines?

    I can't imagine this stuff is going to sell. I saw 1 dress that was decent. We have discussed it and we all decided it was fugly. My store is carrying it so I will have a front row seat.
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    Starbucks Team Leaders

    Our Starbucks reopened yesterday. Woo hoo Got me some roasted veggie egg bites to go.
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    LOA ends, unsure what to do

    I went into my store last Wednesday. My store knew I was scheduled to come back June 1st and I was not going to extend. Sat with my Etl and got my regular shift 4 hrs each day, 5 days a week. I am a dbo in style and they were thrilled I came back. My store has become number 1 in the district so...
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    Personal Leave- Vacation Time?

    I was on paid 30 day leave (over 65) called target hr 800 number and extended till 5-30 using sick time based on average hours.
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    I'm Lost! Can we use gaylord boxes for salvage?

    I'm out on leave but pricing went overnight and style salvage is going in gaylords due to quantity. So much easier.
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