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    Thought I'd actually say hello

    Hello all. Lurked around the old site a good bit. Been around Target for a little bit. Know enough about most things to be dangerous. But so far I think this site is pretty awesome. Team Members helping team members. And you all rock.:thumbsup:
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    Hurricane Pallets

    Back in the day, it used to be we could sweep these back so long as we didn't open them. Yesterday we were told we couldn't sweep them back period, regardless of whether we opened them or not. Is that policy new? If so when did it change? Any guesses?
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    Well, here is a dilemma. I know with so many talented minds on this forum there are bound to be helpful answers. I have had pricing for a while. I have experienced team members. Usually their score is always green. Green like the grass after a fresh rain green. But the last few weeks we...