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    Its been bad at my building for the last couple months. IB gets all the cross trained TMs every day, and WHS is behind, have day 4 carton air floating around. When I was pulling full pallet on my last shift I was at 350 cartons per hour in carton air due to all the roll up with my full pallet...
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    Sorting repacks

    Nah, I just build it into pallets and shove it on a trailer, clericals handle the rest. Though one night I ended up on the weird part of youtube and was watching people buy stuff from bulq.com. Had some target brands in the salvage boxes they bought.
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    Mask policy

    Required in mine unless you are off alone like in an aisle or trailer by yourself, then you can take it off.
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    Waterloo water

    Yeah, I had several cases of these last time I was processing damage, and if just one can pops it ruins all 3 of the 8 packs. Cardboard on their cases just seems too thin, and unlike LaCroix or other cans they don't also have a cardboard tray under them to provide extra protection when on conveyors.
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    COVID-19 Anyone else have confirmed Covid-19 cases in the warehouse?

    Got multiple texts about cases in my building this week. Then had a bunch of people leave when they announced they were making masks mandatory. Was bad enough for them to postpone our inventory day that we were beginning to prepare for.
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    DC warehouse work

    Yeah, we had a couple of Yales for a while at my building. I never used one of the RRs, the SP was ok though I prefer the crown SP controls, the PRT would slide a bit if you turned too fast, and the foot pedals were super sensitive so you couldn't shift your weight around much without it...
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    DC warehouse work

    At my building the non con GPMer unloads IBTs, I don't mind doing it, much easier for me to unload a couple each day then for the ART GPMer to have to haul it all to the other side of the building. It was annoying for a while when we were not allowed to take PRTs into trailers, but now that we...
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    DC warehouse work

    FPP isn't always full pallets, labels go FPP if all the cartons on a pallet drop so it empties out the location, can be one box carton air didn't pull, or 100. Bulk are the floor locations that have 5+ pallets stacked up, put and pulled with a forklift. Non-con gets hand sorted by outbound TMs...
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    DC warehouse work

    You can only change departments every 6 months, no limit on changing shifts but staying in the same department. So if you recently started you will have to wait until you hit the 6 month mark. Also you can't be on certain types of corrective action.
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    Multiple pallet bands required

    Yeah, the bottom layer pallet band is annoying. Carton Air TMs always leave it hanging off the back or side of the pallet, so when pulling full pallet it snags on the rack and pulls boxes off, or just ends up tangled in the pallet so you have to waste time freeing them when consolidating freight.
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    COVID-19 TMs either calling out or just walking off the job during the COVID times

    Just lots of VLE because we don't have any freight coming into the building. Today my OM said inbound only had like 75k in the yard and 7k incoming. I'm not near the coasts so covid hasn't ramped up real bad yet in my area.
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    COVID-19 Any other dc getting overtime because of coronavirus

    GPM is a job function at a distribution center where we drive a machine with long forks that can move 3 pallets at a time. Pretty much move everything between inbound and the storage racks, and then back from the storage racks to outbound.
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    COVID-19 Any other dc getting overtime because of coronavirus

    When paper products first sold out we sent all the reserves in our DC out. Now the only paper we ship out is what we get from the vendor since we no longer have any stored in our building. Last couple times I GPMed and dealt with PIPO we got 2-3 trailers a day in of paper product, each trailer...
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    COVID-19 Any other dc getting overtime because of coronavirus

    They gave us an extra $1 for fall season one year at my building, it was added on like a shift differential so you didn't get it when working OT, wonder if this will work the same way.
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    COVID-19 Any other dc getting overtime because of coronavirus

    My OM said if we want OT we can tell him and he would just add us to the schedule instead of signing up and getting approved through MyTime, so apparently they can still just straight add people to the schedule if the need is there and the weekly decision has already been made. Feel bad for the...
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    COVID-19 Any other dc getting overtime because of coronavirus

    Have had some voluntary OT this past week, no mandatory yet. Though our drop in WHS came in around 120k which is double what our normal Saturday drop is, so I'm sure the PCs are wishing they scheduled up for this upcoming week lol.
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    Sweeps Question

    Sweeps TMs were trying to return it to the store and it was down in the shipping wing staged on our PIPO dock, who knows how long it will sit there.
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    Sweeps Question

    Saw 2 gaylords full of random Valentine's Day candy/items at my DC today. Guess a store just tossed all their unsold Valentine's Day items in there...no idea what needs to be done with those lol. Not my problem I guess, just thought it was odd.
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    Fired for points but rehired years laters

    Yeah, they banned hoods up/hats with ear flaps a few years ago here. I still wear my ear flap hat when GPMing cause it gets pretty cold here in the winter. Haven't had an OM give me grief about it yet. As long as it doesn't cover my glasses it doesn't interfere with my vision.
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    vacation hours

    Yeah, they changed vacation earning in 2018, but allowed accrual through the end of the year. 2019 was the first year they put a hard cap on vacation hours, though afaik personal holiday hours don't cap out that way.