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  1. Dream Baby

    Vacation Accrual Rate

  2. Dream Baby

    Vacation Accrual Rate

    How you accrue vacation is based on how many hours you work. However does your accrual rate go up after being there five years? I think I read that somewhere. Thanks.
  3. Dream Baby

    Service & Engagement Scammers

    I had a scammer once that was probably scammed by another scammer. They used the SNAP/WIC to buy some food but then told me you could get cash back from the card. I told her that this isn't a debit card to be used for anything and if she has a problem to go to guest service for a better...
  4. Dream Baby

    Service & Engagement Scammers

    Agreed though I see this a lot less than a few years ago. AP watches these people better than in the past. Also in my store they only will process returns for about an hour before they state to come back some other day.
  5. Dream Baby

    Foot In the Door

    The fact that they didn't tell you is a big red flag IMHO. You need something in writing.>
  6. Dream Baby

    Specialty Handing guests security items

    I will take it out the case and let them look at the box and stand nearby. I DO NOT LET THEM OPEN IT because I then can't sell it as new. Most items have a 90 day return policy though some items are 15 days. If I am in electronics I always state 15 days until I see what's on the actual...
  7. Dream Baby

    Closed on Thanksgiving

    I started in 2015 and we have never closed before 9:00 on Christmas Eve. The McDonald's by our store closes at 7:00 usually.
  8. Dream Baby

    $200 bonus

    I got the bonus on my last paycheck. However at our store they didn't bother to tell anyone that it was being given out. You would think they would make a big announcement. Then at my store they haven't even bothered to announce the last few TLs that they hired.
  9. Dream Baby

    Hours cut

    I would learn to do OPUs (Drive-Up) and Shipt. The volume of those orders is always going to increase especially with Drive-Up having no minimum order size (which makes no sense to me).
  10. Dream Baby

    Fixing OOS Issues

    My store is the same and it just isn't the new brand we carry "Casaluna".
  11. Dream Baby

    Fixing OOS Issues

    Our store is terrible (at least in the grocery) in tying items that we flex on the floor. All they do is reprint the current tag from the old location and stick in the new spot.
  12. Dream Baby

    COVID-19 Is anyone else's Target enforcing masks?

    Winn-Dixie is bucking the trend and no mask requirement. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/winn-dixie-no-face-mask-requirement-shoppers/ However some states they operate in have mask requirements so I don't see how they can get away with this. These are the states requiring people to wear masks...
  13. Dream Baby

    COVID-19 Any employees test positive for COVID-19?

    You can't take short-term disability for this? Also our store hasn't done any sort of huddle in nearly a year. I guess they rather the rumor mill spread the bad news.
  14. Dream Baby

    Answered Two Week Notice

    So what happens to the accrued vacation of someone that retires that was full-time? I overheard a long term member that just retired complaining that they were still owed 55 hours of vacation. A part-time employee would have never had that many vacation hours because hours usually get cut to...
  15. Dream Baby

    Auditing my own Department (WTF)

    Some valid points. However my store never shares data on anything related to my work performance whether good or bad. That is the general over-riding issue at my store is you never share metrics on anything even though you have them.
  16. Dream Baby

    Answered Two Week Notice

    I am 55 years old and have been laid off and fired a couple of times. The two week notice is a relic of the past from when you could expect to work at the same company for 30 years. I would only give a two week notice If I was a FULL-TIME employee or would lose my vacation pay. The fact that...
  17. Dream Baby

    COVID-19 Will Target stores be required to refuse service to non-face-covering guests?

    You could be like this guy. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/costco-dan-fired-insurance-agency-face-mask/ I find it amazing that people don't realize that EVERYONE HAS A CAMERA IN THEIR CELL PHONE.
  18. Dream Baby

    Answered Pick Goals for Perishables OPUs

    I have noticed the fresh OPUs we have done so far have been less than 10 items. Also I posted in another thread we have coolers and freezers in the front of the store but they are going to be installed "whenever".
  19. Dream Baby

    Non-dry groceries now available for pick up?

    Our store already started doing this but barely mentioned it to the consumables and OPU teams. I actually work in both departments. We are storing all the perishable items in the back of the store in our normal coolers and freezers. We actually have the coolers and a freezers in our closed...
  20. Dream Baby

    Auditing my own Department (WTF)

    I guess I should have stated "the correct procedure according to Target"