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    How to ensure all reshop is put away by close of business

    Hey there, I was actually my store’s first ever closing expert. How familiar are you with your store’s layout? I’ll share my routine, sorry if it seems dumb. When I come first come in at night I grab equipment and IMMEDIATELY grab whatever cart is nearby and load it with all of the store’s...
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    Non Cashier employees, how often do you get scheduled to me on a register?

    Most of our cashiers are still in highschool, and just less mature/reliable in general. Last week nearly every one of them apparently went on a last minute vacation together according to hr, so that did leave us thin for several days. Stay flexible if at all possible, and hopefully a leader will...
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    Non Cashier employees, how often do you get scheduled to me on a register?

    At my store, all tms are trained as cashiers. In one year I have been scheduled one actual cashier shift, but in any given day I usually respond between 1-5 times. I'm not entirely sure what the thought process behind scheduling literally one cashier and one SCO is when we're doing similar...
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    Mystery items?

    I think you all have cleared this up for me, thank you! I’ll check on some things tonight and see what happens
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    Need some advice everybody, please read.

    Do you really want to go back to a store that treated you that way?
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    Mystery items?

    Also, those mornings I looked around and paid attention to what everyone else was doing and it looked like they were pushing truck. One guy told me the DBOs are responsible for pulling one for ones when they arrive, but that sounds like bullshit because they arrive anywhere from 7am to 1pm at my...
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    Mystery items?

    @Hardlinesmaster Thank you for all of the info I’ve learned from your posts on here! It’s overwhelming and fascinating at the same time. The example I gave was meant to be imaginary. Obviously some do have multiple locations, but there are always a few in my shifts that match up to my example...
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    Service & Engagement Is it a big deal to throw out items if you can't find the DPCI?

    Ironically, my store does’t have a lot of different random items like that. What we DO have is one single “pin art” toy, the square that you can leave an imprint of your hand or face in, that has been roaming around the store for over six months now. I’m never the person to work it when it’s in...
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    Mystery items?

    So first, let me explain. I have been learning new workstations as a part of my development. This week I got to learn how inbound works and worked a few 4am shifts. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned a LOT and VERY quickly, but there are some things that even the TLs I partner with and the ETL...
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    Asked for 15-20 hours but was given 28?

    A friend of mine does doordash, grubhub, and bitesquad. As long as you are meticulous about logging miles and expenses, delivering food should earn you at LEAST $15 an hour. Second thing: Try looking at this differently. 28 hours this week, 4 hours next week. Those average to 16 hours over two...
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    Answered New GM! Just Finished Training...

    Get to know everyone and especially find some people who have been at Target for a long time and can give you cool tips and tricks. Break out of your area in time and try to learn how different parts of the store work as well! This doesn’t necessarily mean working a shift, it could just be in...
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    Sore wrists??

    Might try looking around for one of those trigger things? My store only has like 2-3 compared to over 50 devices, but worth a shot
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    Answered Immediate cross training for new tm

    I would be thankful, continue to do a good job and hopefully they will notice
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    Answered Someone HELP!!!!

    I’ve only worked at Target for just under one year, but to my knowledge you can’t. You can only put up a shift you have already been scheduled for on Kronos, as well as take one. You will need to physically go to your store, login on one of the computers, and I believe it is under MyTime? I’ve...
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    Answered How can you tell a store's size?

    The 2018 annual report on Target’s main website has some cool facts about how many stores are in each state, size, sales etc
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    Answered Is my lead in the wrong?

    I would confront your tl, he should never have said anything to the others. As others have already said, things have drastically changed every single day and you shouldn’t be upset for losing the DBO spot. You weren’t removed because of a grudge. You were removed because that job has to be done...
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    COVID precautions

    It’s unfortunate, but compared to one or two other stores I’ve been to in the past few months, just that one cleaning team member clocked in seems like more than what others are doing. You’re right, though, a spray bottle can’t do much when all the Karens refuse to wear masks
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    Tips for a GM team member???

    Don’t feel singled out about the lack of training. You’ll learn as you go, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! Good luck! ASANTS, but from what I have seen and heard, most people typically get 3 training shifts and then you’re on your own.