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  1. isthatathing

    Managing People

    There is a new training this month actually. It's something like "adaptive leadership" and all TLs and ETLs are taking the training.
  2. isthatathing

    myDay app

    An auto log out feature? Maybe when placed in charger? A fellow team member let me know she could get right to my emails etc in myday. I had logged into that one the prior day.
  3. isthatathing

    Apparel first who is next :/

    Our AP is glad the fitting rooms are closing. People still out here stealing makeup and phone cases for whatever reason.
  4. isthatathing

    COVID-19 Other than TP and sanitizer, what is your store out of?

    Weights, yoga mats are starting to clear out as gyms are closed now too.
  5. isthatathing

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    Was there a communication at all about using chatbot to track orders?
  6. isthatathing

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    With Easter being 4/12.... I'm wondering if there is a chance the sign will come in quick enough to justify ordering. There's 48 days until Easter... so yeah. Maybe? I have the Easter kit for FOS but never got the valentine's one. Anyone have a #? At the very least, I can say I ordered it if...
  7. isthatathing


    I only have one day per week at 7am for my set schedule. But during January I came in at 7 during the weekdays for lighting. For the outdoor living set I'm going to ask to come in early too. More overheads and CSE. It's just safer without guests in the building.
  8. isthatathing

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    I've been doing all the CSE and OHs as VM. Its fine. The only thing is when they come in and critique like, one pair of pants that aren't hung properly.... or a hurdle that isn't 100% sized... in January, when everyone is scheduled 5 hrs. Like, I would love to follow up with tms, or help them...
  9. isthatathing

    MEGATHREAD Hang Me (The Softlines Thread)

    @Jersey856 I've got a store in my district that does it. Its for RTW swim and C9 pants??? So not all of C9? At that store anyway.
  10. isthatathing

    Rant : I'm a depressed cart attendant. Wanna move positions but nobody ever listens to me

    Sometimes having a formal sit down with a leader helps. Like saying, "hey, could we talk if you have a minute" and then ask to talk in an office if they try to talk to you right then and there. Immediately gives them the clue that something is up, maybe something serious. Just be honest but...
  11. isthatathing

    Work win give

    For my store it was a guest service tm and a beauty tm. Felt pretty random. I like that it was done above store level for fairness tbh.
  12. isthatathing

    Changes for VMs

    Thanks @SigningLady I was aware of the clearance dash and new signing roll out in the addendum. I put up all the power aisles myself so I'll be happy to take those suckers down and harvest all those sweet sweet ceiling clips. The thing is dont get is the "partner with vm" for the fixture room...
  13. isthatathing

    Changes for VMs

    I'm wondering how some stores get 2 vms and some don't. I understand volume and innovation vs non innovation stores.... but I'm at a 50M next gen store. Wondering if that is enough to have 1 for home and 1 for style. I'm always pulled in so many directions it's hard to get everything looking...
  14. isthatathing

    Looking for feedback

    Question: the price change forecast. I use it to plan for scheduling needs when heavy. I know for the trailer info it will have projected hours to work x amount of product. Is there anything like that for pricing? I know it's been a huge opportunity in a lot of stores. And I know those...
  15. isthatathing

    MEGATHREAD Signing Tips, Tricks and Quips (along with howls of despair)

    Each box takes about 15 ceiling clips... we did 2 and we're almost out....
  16. isthatathing

    Life as an ETL

    Mostly, mine have been doing 12 hr days minimum. More like 16 for the GM and SS ETL. (SE ETL excluded of course. Leaves on time everyday. Might be a more desirable gig tbh)
  17. isthatathing

    Tips on not sounding like an idiot over walkie?

    Not on channel 1 tho. (Assuming your leader asked on a different channel)
  18. isthatathing

    Tips on not sounding like an idiot over walkie?

    Something simple like, "Good, I have Jimmy on drive up, Bob comes in at 11 for carts. I might need help collecting more if we run out before that."
  19. isthatathing

    Rfid scan

    Has anyone been told to audit from clearance tasks? Say you have markdowns in your tasklist that you know don't exist (ie swim or isaac mizrahi etc). I used to just activate the markdown and enter 0 when it asks how many. That's what we used to do in pricing. So anyway. My leader says we need...
  20. isthatathing

    Need Advice

    We've done that before at my store sometimes when we want to get with another leader about it. Say if I do a style interview, but think the person might be better as a cashier, etc. Or even if the availability isn't necessarily gonna work for business needs. If we really like someone and can...