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  1. SallyHoover

    Benefits What is the pay in NYC?

    If the minimum is higher than $15 they will start you at the local minimum wage. If the minimum wage is $15 or lower you start at $15.
  2. SallyHoover

    Service & Engagement Baby Registry

    They seem to send us 6-8 boxes of ones about to expire. Other times they send a box at a time maybe once a month and they are gone within an week.
  3. SallyHoover

    Service & Engagement Scammers

    The only coupon you should be scanning from a phone is from the Target/Circle App.
  4. SallyHoover

    Service & Engagement Baby Registry

    When we have old bags that say don't sell, we save them for the times when we have none. We do take out the expired coupons. When we have both but the guest doesn't have a barcode to scan to get the bags, we give them the old ones without the coupons.
  5. SallyHoover

    Closed on Thanksgiving

    I've always had it described as Thanksgiving to New Years is like the play offs and Thanksgiving weekend is like the superbowl of retail. If you work retail you don't plan on vacations during that time. I find Target to be good with working around my vacation and time off needs throughout the...
  6. SallyHoover

    Dress code

    I take off the red fleece vest when it gets above 75 but it is a staple in my fall, winter, early spring wardrobe.
  7. SallyHoover

    Answered Closing registers

    If the bags had money in it then that should have gone in the registers. If you were given bags without money, then they probably don't expect you to put any starting funds in those registers.
  8. SallyHoover

    Thanksgiving 2020 and our "heroes"

    I wish they would open 7pm or 8pm until midnight and then open up again at 6am with new door busters. I hated the old days when Target opened up at 2am (no holiday pay). Starting in the evening allows everyone, team member and guest to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner and those that don't want to...
  9. SallyHoover

    Answered Hired for Guest Advocate but next 2 weeks scheduled at checkout?

    We had one cashier that they sent to the service desk hoping to performance her out quicker or make her quit. She didn't and stuck with it for a year before transferring to apparel.
  10. SallyHoover

    Dresses at work?

    I usually wear a beige/khaki skirt and a red top but occasionally wear the beige dress with a red sweater or red vest or red duster over top. I don't own any denim dresses (blue or otherwise) but imagine if I did I could do the same with something red as a top layer on my top. At Christmas...
  11. SallyHoover

    COVID-19 Covid LOA

    I think it depends on the state you live in. In my state, starting about 3 weeks ago they opened testing up so you no longer need a doctor's referral but do need to fill out a quick survey to get an appointment. Living and/or with someone who is considered at high risk is enough to get the...
  12. SallyHoover

    COVID-19 Covid LOA

    I think the 14 requires you to actually test positive.
  13. SallyHoover

    Mobile Tech not being able to help anymore?

    At my store they are good at pushing the square trade extended warranty. I think they must get a higher commission than 1% on those.
  14. SallyHoover

    Mobile Tech not being able to help anymore?

    Wouldn't it be better to give them their own Kiosk with hours and services listed if they can't do anything other than those service tasks?
  15. SallyHoover


    ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations based on the disability. FMLA provides job protected leave. Were you eligible for FMLA (12 months employment and 1250 hrs in the last 12 months)? Did you fill out that paperwork? Was the disability a recent onset or was it ongoing...
  16. SallyHoover

    Service & Engagement Payment card reader calibration with cash registers - issues?

    Our angry- honk honk honk usually means it went through, remove your card. The happy ding ding ding usually means no it didn't go through but if it is late in the transaction and I can tell they did a pin it may do a ding ding ding and then go through.
  17. SallyHoover

    Service & Engagement Payment card reader calibration with cash registers - issues?

    It happens when they do it well ahead of time too. I can tell because it make the ding ding ding (remove card) instead of the honk honk honk (remove card). It may seem as though it works when they do it well ahead of time because some guests know to press the skip or to enter their phone...
  18. SallyHoover

    Answered What items does your employee discount cover, exactly?

    From the 2015 press release: Wellness discounts and career planning As part of our team member benefits, we’re offering a new wellness discount that gives all U.S. team members an additional 20 percent off fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, Simply Balanced items and C9 activewear, on top of...
  19. SallyHoover

    Returning from LOA

    Call HR at your store.
  20. SallyHoover


    FMLA is federally mandated. They should only be able to deny you if you don't meet the criteria or fail to provide the needed documentation. Are they providing you a reason that they are not approving the leave?